Let’s have a brief nostalgic moment for 2016 when Kylie Jenner started “overlining” her lips and the world was in awe; every girl was trying to figure out what shade of lipstick and lipliner she was using and would it or would it not create the optical illusion of bigger lips by simply over-lining. With that said, we all spent a while learning the answer to that question the hard way, embarrassingly enough to admit. Many of us just did it because we thought it was the new cool thing to do and ended up looking like clowns. 

When Kylie launched her beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics, her lip kits sold out instantly. While every girl was trying to keep up with Kylie (pun intended), we were still sceptical on whether or not her claims were true, or whether the more obvious truth was the answer to all this conspiracy? Had Kylie gotten lip fillers? When she finally confirmed what we were all thinking on KUWTK, it made so much sense.  In the first couple of days Kylie confirmed, the demand for fillers went up 70%. We're here to give you everything you need to know about lip fillers.

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Lip fillers VS Overlining

Lip Fillers


Semi permanent

Creating an optical illusion with makeup

Lasts around six months to a year

Won’t last throughout the day you will reapply

The below is a quick video of Dr Simon, a renowned Beverly Hills Dr credited for his work with Kylie, the Kardashians and many other celebrities

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When the lining is done properly, it can create very natural results and the illusion of bigger fuller lips. However, the majority of the time it is not, and very often is very obvious, not like that is necessarily a bad thing, but something to be wary of. If you haven’t already tried over-lining (highly unlikely) then you can stick to a YouTube tutorial or follow the steps given to you by many articles. 

 Fillers are typically used to enhance the volume and size of lips. The filler itself usually contains collagen or hyaluronic acid, the most common one being Juvéderm, a hyaluronic acid-based one. Collagen is used to plump the lips, whereas hyaluronic acid plumps and holds the water which is why it’s the most common as it is generally the most effective in getting the desired result. Many doctors mix fillers together to achieve the desired effect of the client, usually the really good ones. 

The doctor may use one specific filler in the middle for volume and overall fullness but will use a different type of filler for definition on the sides of the lips. 

Our advice: Figure out what type of filler you will need for your desired result.

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There are several things to consider when considering getting lip fillers in general many experts advise on some precautions you should take and things to expect in order to guarantee a satisfying result and the result you wanted. 

- Top-ups are required each 4-6 months.

- Making sure the doctor is as good as you can find and afford as well as their certifications.

- You and your doctor have communicated properly and have chosen what is suitable for your face dimensions

The procedure itself :

 1. Firstly, the lips are numbed by using an anaesthetics (usually topical) and the area is sanitized. The doctor then depending on the look desired injects the filler proportionately using little and small injections at first to begin the process.

2. Right after the procedure, you can expect swelling, some but very minimal pain, redness and inflammation by and around your lips and the injection area. These common temporary side effects are normal for any fillers and if it was a surgical procedure would be ten times worse, however if it does not die down within 24 hours you should contact the doctor's office. 

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 To summarize the below are the overall tips and survival guide to follow when seeking and going for lip fillers:

- Think about if you really want it first, or if just seeing these girls on Instagram and want in (and if you do, may it be for the right reason, yourself.)

- Research research research.

- Consultation and discussion first (what you want etc...)

- Ask your doctor any questions you have beforehand.

- Prepare to invest in your face, seriously (it’ll cost you a proper dime and a half to ensure you’re getting the real deal.)

- Prepare for subtle pain and discomfort. 

- If you’re scared to take the step, remember that filler doesn’t last forever, and it can be dissolved in one quick appointment.