Bad body odor can be a great heck in your daily life. However, it's not that hard if you follow some simple lifestyle rules. If you're wondering how to get rid of bad body odor, check out these simple tips to avoid the embarrassment!

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1. Balancing your food is the key. If what you eat is mostly salty/spicy and fried food, then your body is more likely to produce sweat that smells bad. Contain more vegetables, fruits, and detox water in your daily diet and this will help omit the bad smell.

2. Wipe off areas that are more likely to sweat such as your armpits with tea tree oil or white vinegar. The natural antibacterial substances present in both tea tree oil and white vinegar will kill the fungi and bacteria present in these areas. This will eventually limit bad body odor.

3. What do you do right after you shower? Yes, we all put on our clothes, but before that, there's something you need to do and you need to do it perfectly. Make sure to dry your skin very well, because skin is more prone to produce sweat and bad body odor when it's damp.

4. Synthetic clothes or fabrics that have less percentage of cotton, tend to have terrible chemistry with the sweat that comes out of your body. Cotton and silk fabrics allow your skin better breathability and will dry away humidity and sweat.

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