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| by Farida Abdel Malek

The Ear Piercing Healing Tips You Should Know to Prevent Irritation

Some of us didn't have to worry about our first ear piercing, since we got it as children. However, a lot of people didn't and some people want to some day expand the collection of the ear lobe and cartilage and go for more piercings. By now, you must have heard of the common post piercing ear infection and it might be the reason behind your postponing of getting pierced. If that's the case or you've already gotten a piercing and concerned about an infection, here are some tips on how you can prevent and heal an ear piercing at home.

*Note: If you're really worried about an infection or you're in a lot of pain, visit a doctor to have things handled with care and risk free. These are for minor cases of inflammation or initial prevention of any irritation. Also, ask your piercer for the aftercare necessary and take their advice.

 1. Treat it like an wound. Be careful and cautious when in contact with it. If it's on your earlobe give it six weeks before removing the stud. If it's on your cartilage it will take longer, maybe around 10 weeks. If you remove the earring earlier than you should, your new piercing can close up and maybe even block inside an infection. 

2. Move the earring in circular motions a couple of time during the day for a couple of weeks so it doesn't heal and shut around the earring.

3. Always make sure your hands are clean before touching your piercing so you don't transmit any bacteria. Also make sure that your piercer didn't close the earring too tightly so you can give the wound space to heal and breathe.

4. When you notice irritation of inflammation you can cleanse your piercing with sterile saline solution from any pharmacy. You can also make your own mix by adding 1/4 sea salt mixed with 1 cup of boiling water. Let the ater cool down a bit before using your fingers to apply the mix on the front and back of the pierced area. Do not use a towel to dry it off because it could carry germs. Use a dry paper towel. Do this 2 times a day.

* Do not use table salt, try to find natural sea salt.

*The following might further cause irritation, so try to avoid unless recommended by a doctor; alcohol, antibiotic ointments or hydrogen peroxide.

5. Friction with a pillow can cause pain and maybe added irritation. Try to sleep on your back and if you can't just clean your pillow regularly so that nothing unclean is transmitted.

6. To prevent shampoo or any products from causing irritation to your healing piercing, place a plastic bag or saran wrap over it during your shower.

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