I love that beauty bloggers are now showing women how to take care of their skin just as much as they show them how to cover it up with layers of makeup. And one of the latest beauty trends they've been talking about is the derma-roller. But what is a derma-roller? And is it really important for your skincare routine? You'll find out in the next few lines!

What is a derma-roller?

A derma-roller is basically a small machine that has tiny needles that prick your skin gently as you roll it all over it. Those needles create hundreds of invisible wounds in a painless way, that result in cell turnover, increased collagen and elastin production. It also helps your beauty products work better by penetrating in a proper way into your skin. 

what is a dermaroller? - how to use derma roller

Beauty bloggers claim that using derma rollers has helped them get rid of their very irritating acne scars while they were getting treated. They also claim that derma rollers have a huge effect on skin wrinkles on the long run. It makes sense because the product producers claim that it increases collagen and elastin production. Last but not least, derma rollers are claimed to shrink large pores. So, would you try it? 

Amira Azouz, Fustany's Founder and Editor in Chief tried it, and here's what she thinks:

Rating: 4.5/5

Benefits of derma-roller:

I’m a bit obsessed with anything related to skincare, and a month ago, I decided to try out the Dermaroller. A Dermaroller is basically a small rolling brush with very fine needles. You can use it at home if you pick one with small length needles. I know it sounds scary, but trust me, it doesn't even hurt. Here’s what it’ll help you with:

1. It reduces wrinkles.

2. Stimulates growth of collagen and elastin. (This is super important for a youthful looking skin!)

3. Helps treat acne scars, and some say it’s useful for hyperpigmentation, but I wouldn’t be so sure about this part.

A few things to keep in mind, because you want the best result from it:

1. Make sure you check the package, as it has the needle sizes, with a recommendation on which is safe to use at home.

2. I use it once a week, and make sure I’m not exposed to the sun the next day. (Thursday night is the ultimate time for that)

3. Before using it, I make sure my skin is super clean. Usually, I go for a light scrub before it.

4. When using my Dermaroller, I massage my face with it, have a light grip on it, as you wouldn’t want to cause damage to your skin. I use it horizontally, vertically and diagonally on my face to make sure I covered all areas (don’t get it close to your eyes).

5. Once I’m done with it, I apply a moisturizer or even a natural oil to my skin and make sure I massage it in properly, as it would be much more effective now.

6. And lastly, I always disinfect my Dermaroller, as it has to be clean for my next use and to avoid infection. You'll start noticing the result after a few weeks of using it.

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @rocky_barnes