The Jewelry world is filled with new designs coming out every day, but we were sure that we will stumble across something new with the beginning of spring and summer of 2019. It’s called ‘Raw Roots’, which is Jude Benhalim’s new jewelry collection. The minute I saw it, I completely fell in love. It’s inspired mainly by fruits and vegetables. Despite the simplicity of the designs, the handmade charm is really obvious in every item. Benhalim presents designs inspired by pomegranate and papaya in gold and silver plated copper.

The collection has 15 diverse pieces including earrings, necklaces, and rings. They also come in many colors like blue and red and they all are bright spring-summery colors. Now we bring you some pictures knowing that you will feel the same way about them as we did.

All Image Credits: Instagram @jude.benhalim