I grew up watching friends and it pretty much served me so well in many things, including fashion.  I loved to watch and observe how elegant and stylish Rachel was, and how simple and sexy Monica used to dress, but what always made me turn my head was Phoebe’s outfits. You can call it Bohemian, gypsy or hippie style, whatever it is, it was one of a kind. I always felt Phoebe's energy and character through her clothes. Her spirit and love for nature came across in her fashion and it always looked like she feels so comfortable in her skin and outfits. After so many seasons I couldn’t help but grasp and absorb her sense of fashion and memorable outfits and I ended up learning how to style my outfits in a bohemian fashion sense that looks really effortless. Here are the precious lessons I learned from Phoebe Buffay outfits on Friends.

1. Don’t be afraid to wear maxi skirts all the time


She wore maxi skirts all the time with literally everything. Maxi skirts are super comfortable and they suit all body types.

2. Oversized pieces are your best friends


Remember how she made oversized look so cool and sexy. I personally can’t get over how cute her white oversized skirt looked with the colored maxi dress and how sexy her black sweater was with leggings.

3. Accessorize to the Max


She wore so many accessories and it never looked too much, it was just Phoebe. She loved accessories and they gave her such a special look. She liked to stack a lot of rings together and it looked awesome, even though it was such a big statement. 

4. Denim...Denim...Denim…


Phoebe didn't wear a lot of denim like Monica and Rachel, but when she did, it fit her style and persona perfectly. Remember that maternity dress with a yellow jumper and black leggings? I know I always will.

5. A Printed blouse is never too much…


Image Credits: IMDb

Phoebe was a lover of prints. So printed blouses were pretty much her signature. This is why a printed blouse was an essential must-have for every season.

6. Basic and printed full sleeves cardigans are definitely a must have


Image Credits: IMDb

Those cardigans rocked the '90s because of her. She wore them with many pieces especially maxi skirts and they still looked great every time.

7. Jackets with maxi skirts


She wore long jackets with maxi skirts and proved that layers are not ugly and it could be done in style.

8. Jackets with skirts with leggings


She styled a long jacket with midi skirts and leggings like nobody ever did and she could still play guitar easily in that outfit.

9. Printed Leggings


Her printed leggings were to die for. Let’s face it, if I had those pairs I would never take them off!

10. Maxi half sleeve dress


My all-time favorite, and although all the female characters wore this, Phoebe wore it differently with a maxi length and two amazing hair braids that will stay in memory forever.

Main Image Credits: Youtube