The weather is getting colder day after day, and winter lovers couldn't be happier to wear all their chic winter coats and sweaters, especially with hijab fashion. I personally love oversized sweaters during wintertime, they're so practical, and they can be altered from casual to chic very easily. And yes, oversized sweaters will look great with hijab...

So here's how to wear oversized sweater with hijab:

1. Style it in the most basic way, with jeans.


Besides feeling comfortable, this outfit will also look comfortable and is easy to throw on everyday. You don't have to think too much about it. Just make sure you jeans have some give, so you can tuck in the sweater comfortably.

2. Style it with a waist belt for more definition, if you don't feel comfortable in undefined clothes.

oversized sweaters - how to wear oversized sweaters with hijab 

If you still need a bit of waist definition and you're not into the whole oversized outfit look, a waist belt would be a great option for you. Choose your pick from thin belts or thicker ones that are really trending now. 

3. Tuck it in your pants if the sweater is thin enough.

oversized sweaters - how to wear oversized sweaters with hijab 

Tucking the oversized sweater in your pants is the more comfortable option for most girls. However...

4. If your oversized sweater is thicker, then tuck just a part of it inside your pants...


You can tuck only half the sweater or tuck in a piece in the front. It's a very cool, effortless look. 

5. Or you go can for the modern trending loose on loose look.


If you don't mind the ultimate oversized look, then this should be your pick. It's easy, comfy and really chic with the right pants

6. And of course, for the ultimate simple but chic look, wear it with a pleated skirt!


Pleated skirts are everywhere and one of the easiest ways to style them, is with an oversized sweater. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @hajra_aaa