Fustany's Playlist: 9 Comfy and Warm Fall Songs to Cheer You up

Jasmine Kamal
10/18/20, 12:00 AM

Music accompanies us everywhere and songs are a universal language of happiness, love, success, travel, separation, sadness, and grief. Our favorite songs follow us wherever we go, on our way to work, at home, when we're traveling, and even at the gas station. That's why we wanted to launch our latest series Fustany's Playlist...

We bid farewell to summer and welcome the autumn season, when everything changes, from the weather to our emotions. With the weather being a bit grey, sadness can start to slowly creep up on us. And since music has always been a huge sense of comfort and joy for a lot of people, let us try to shake off the fall blues with some warm fall songs. This cozy fall playlist is like a warm hug, perfect for a quiet night at home, to help relax you and bring a smile on your face.

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Check out these 9 warm fall songs we chose for you...

Fustany's 'Comfy Fall' Playlist on Anghami

With Ella Fitzgerald's iconic warm voice and the beautiful piano in the background, you find yourself falling in love with this song Autumn in New York from the very first moment you listen to it. It takes you to another world that's quiet, relaxing, and chaos-free. The moment Louis Armstrong begins singing with his legendary voice, warmth multiplies and releases tension and anxiety.


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Sing For Love...I doubt you'll find anyone who doesn't think this song is gorgeous. The legend Majida El Roumi sang this years ago but it is still a favorite among many today. She sings for love, loss, and autumn. In her delightful, bold voice, you feel as if you're taking away all the feelings of sadness and transforming them into a warm happier ones.


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Beautiful Sunday... yet another song that can fill you up with joy and happiness. It will also full you up with the urge to move around and dance, so you can fill your body with some endorphins. It makes fall feel great and like a perfect time to be happy and feel love around you.


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Still confused abour autumn and what it will bring? You're not alone. Julia Boutros sang about autumn, wondering what it will bring from love to dreams and surpises...


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