Your winter wardrobe must include some style staples, and leather pants are definitely a must-have. After reading the following styling tips to wear leather pants, you'll come to realize that they can go with (almost!) everything in your winter closet. Leather pants are such a cool alternative to your favorite pair of jeans, and they can instantly make you look 100 times cooler, so it's time to make the swap. One of the best things about leather pants, is that they have the ability to be casually styled for day, or dressed up in an utterly chic way for night. If you already own a pair of leather pants, or you currently have it on your shopping list, check out these 10 styling tips to wear leather pants...

1. If you're going to invest in a pair of high quality leather pants, then go for skinny pants and don't pick something that's very fashion-forward like slouchy track-suit leather pants.

2. Skinny leather pants and chunky knitwear are one of the best style combinations you can create. The thickness of the jumper will be balanced out with the slim-fitting look of the leather pants. Add a pair of biker boots and you're ready to go! 

3. Sizing is very important when it comes to wearing leather pants. You should remember that leather stretches out, so pick a pair of slim-fitting leather pants with a snug fit, but at the same time, never ever settle for one that you can hardly put on.

4. For a luxe vibe on a night out, wear your leather pants with a chic top and a pair of stilettos or ankle boots. Add a tailored blazer for an outfit that looks so polished. It might be tempting to throw on a leather biker jacket, but beware of that all-leather look, because you could either pull it off or not.

5. If you decided to wear leather leggings, you should keep in mind that leggings are not pants! So tucking in your shirt or even wearing a short top while wearing a pair of leather leggings are big no-nos.

6. Wearing slouchy track-suit leather pants can be a bit harder to pull off, however, they're a refreshing break from your go-to skinny pants or leggings. Work them with fitted tops, such as a simple jumper or a trendy sweatshirt, and finish off your look with a killer pair of sneakers. This look can also work with masculine-looking shoes, such as oxfords.

7. If it's your first time to wear leather pants, then pick a pair with a basic color, such as black or burgundy. You'll find that wearing leather pants in basic colors are easier to style, versus going for striking colors such as red or olive-green.

8. Inject some color to your outfit by wearing your black leather pants with matching knitwear and shoes. For example, pick a grey sweater, with a pair of grey suede booties, and this can simply be your go-to winter look. You can add some winter accessories to your look, such a scarf or a beanie.

9. How to wear leather pants with biker-style accents? If your leather pants have knee-panels, zips and mixed material, then it's best to wear it basic knitwear, shirts and tops. A fur jacket would be a great outerwear option with the biker-style leather pants, as its softness with tone down the tough look of the pants.

10. Channel your inner street style star and drape your jacket over your shoulders. While wearing your leather pants with your favorite sweater or top, drape your jacket over shoulders before heading out, you'll instantly earn some serious style points.