Milan Fashion Week SS19 Is an Artistic Mix of '80s and '90s Fashion

Jasmine Kamal
9/27/18, 12:00 AM

From the first moment in the Milan fashion week spring/summer 2019, it was so clear how different it is from the other fashion weeks that it followed. The '80s designs and cuts along with the '90s color scheme was the highlight of the event. If you follow fashion event, you may have noticed that New York fashion week's subtle theme was the '80s style, however, this one has proven to be totally different.

Passing by the event's shows, we've collected the 5 most powerful trends by the most famous designers:

1. Female Suits


Many international pioneers in the fashion industry keep the '80s-'90s inspirations withing their designs for more than one season now. That's also what Moschino decided to do on the runway of his fashion show in Milan fashion week spring/summer 2019 adding a unique touch in terms of a marker random lines.

2. Colors


- Bright

Both Versace & Emporio Armani used bright colors in their pieces, however, the first was keen on either mixing those colors with black in some designs while Armani preferred purely bright fabrics.

- Pastel

Then, Alberta Ferretti and Bulmarine lead a pastel color scheme which caught everyone's breath away!

3. Fabrics


The materials that stood on top of all designs were the following three:

- Leather:

It seems that leather will be the number one trending this year and that will add a '90s flavor to our 2019. Fendi was keen on integrating cafe and light brown leathers to the jackets and dresses in her show.

- Silk:

Then, we saw a lot of silk used in the designs of jumpsuits and dresses of Armani, which tell us how the fabric is so in this year.

- Satin:

Versace was so concerned to complement her pieces with soft satin fabric.

4. Polka Dots


One special pattern from the '80s is the polka dots which had a powerful comeback in the 2019 trends, mainly in the designs of each of Dolce & Gabbana, Marni, Max Mara.

5. Prints


Roberto Cavalli & Missoni both showed appreciation to the art of prints on different fabrics and that was clear through more than one design in their summer 2019 collections.

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