This 2018 summer trends are all about stripes and statement colors. Comfort is also big this year. Easy cool looking outfits is what you should be going for. The "I didn't put too much effort" but still looking really cool and put together.

The Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is among the most trending pieces this summer 2018. You'll find brands like Tod's and Apiece Apart showcasing them and Gucci with its recent strong 70's influence. The best thing about jumpsuits is that they suit most body shapes and heights.



In the past few years denim has not failed us and has remained strongly part of our daily wardrobe. Not just jeans but jackets and even more than that the infamous demin on denim look. This was showed by designer labels Oscar de la Renta and Alexander McQueen


Bright Barbie Pink 

This color has been loved this year by many fashion bloggers in the form of even a two piece! Even though brights have been popular in the last few years, this year pink dethroned them all. We've seen the color in designs by Mica Argañarazr.


Dresses are the one piece people can't live without in summer. The second you put the summer staple on, you instantly feel the summer vibes. This year dresses are trending with an addition... Shirts. Wearing them together has become the new trends as seen with brands like Balenciaga


This year everything is getting striped. Pants, jumpsuits and dresses. Stripes are ranging in different colors from blue in its different shades to black. Vertical stripes are also popular because they give length and sliminess to the body.  



Flower prints in all shapes and colors are here for summer 2018. Try floral prints for summer instead of spring with more bright, colorful, loud prints.