Ever thought that you could actually tell a lot about someone's personality from their engagement ring? Hell yeah, an engagement ring, its diamond shape and cut can say a lot about the woman wearing it.

Before you let him put a ring on it, you wander around plenty of shops looking for that special sparkly piece of jewelry. It's a hard job for every bride-to-be, we know! Eventually, your pick will be a true reflection of you, so find out what your engagement ring says about you.

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1. Round Diamond

Personality: If you go for a round shape, then it means you're an extremely easy going person and don't prefer to follow fashion trends blindly. This classic timeless shape is more on the traditional side, which means you probably don't like taking much risks.

Wedding: You'll probably go for a dreamy, fairy-tale wedding that has so many lace detailing and classic pink roses.

2. Heart Diamond

Personality: You are nothing but a lovey dovey warm person. You always tend to add your own touch to everything, as your sense of loyalty and devotion to your partner is indefinite.

Wedding: Your wedding is more on the fluffy side. Extremely romantic with so many soft details.

3. Emerald Diamond

Personality: You are one of a kind and you have your own vibrant taste. You always look for new aspects in life, while keeping things in moderation. You always like to stand out in your own way.

Wedding: Your wedding will be basically filled with fun and lively music. The decoration of your wedding will be super personal and more on the funky side.

4. Cushion Diamond

Personality: You're basically a social butterfly. A rectangle with curved edges is usually a rare cut to find, which means you're daring, glamorous and extraordinary.

Wedding: Your wedding is probably an event that everyone wouldn't want to miss. Paying attention to details is your thing and it's safe to say that sometimes you tend to seek perfection. 

5. Pear Diamond

Personality: You just love everything shiny and sparkly. Choosing the pear cut, which is the modern version of the classic round cut, shows that you are a risk taker but you still have your limits. You are also contemporary and always manage to be in style.

Wedding: Your wedding will be out-of-the-box! Your best friends will be involved in every single detail which will create an atmosphere no one will ever forget.

Photo Credits: Tiffany & Co. and Bridalguide.com

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