Unlike what most people may think, winter brides and grooms are the luckiest because they have more options to dress non-traditionally! Yes, they have a great chance to stand out with out-of-the-box suits and gowns. Why? Because whenever wedding gowns are mentioned, there must be lace, tulle and chiffon. You never think how velvet, faux fur or even wool can possibly and perfectly make a magical wedding dress! Don't you?

Even though everyone thinks that men's suits are the type of clothing that needs no creativity, well, let me tell you that's not true! Winter grooms always have more unique options. Just by changing the fabric, color, pattern or mixing and matching all of these together, a very elegant and one-of-a-kind groom's suit can be generated. Well, to illustrate this more, here are some points which if enough attention is paid to, any winter groom will ace his suit. Don't miss out!

1. Fabric

Whether it was the suit jacket, the vest, the trousers, the shirt or even the bow, fabric is a crucial factor that affect all other aspects. What's more important than the fabric is matching suitable materials with it. The most fashionable materials this winter are velvet, textured wool and rough linen. Velvet bows and knitted ties are so 'in' this season as well; all you have to do is mixing and matching very carefully. That's to say, if you pick a velvet suit, stay on the safe side and keep it ordinary when it comes to the shirt and bow. There is no need to pick a velvet bow or a textured vest. However, going for a textured woolen jacket allows you to add a bit of glam through a velvet bow. That's how things go. Make sure to check the below photos to get inspired more about the do's and don't of mixing and matching winter heavy fabrics.


2. Colors

Well, this factor is the biggest proof why winter grooms are lucky. Going for maroon, navy blue or even cinnamon orange would seem so intense for summer vibes. That's why the cold season is a perfect chance to ace these shades as a groom. Whether it's a statement maple-brown bow, an olive green vest, or a royal blue velvet suit, you'll win the game.


3. Patterns

Years ago, stripped suits were a BIG thing. Nowadays, Plaid ones are taking over, and it's even more fashionable if the pattern comes from the texture itself. When going for patterns, it's always recommended to pick a bright color such as light grey, beige or baby blue.


4. Winter pieces

If someone recommended a scarf for the groom, you'd probably laugh at them, right? Well, by 'pieces' I mean winter vests, scarves, and any other think that will keep you warm while you think it would be impossible to wear on your wedding! They don't just look unique when worn by grooms, but they also add a touch of classiness to the overall look, especially when it comes too scarves!


Main Image Credits: weddingsonline.com