I have been wanting to get my hands on PVC forever and was overjoyed when I found some in Fida (You can find this store listed in the Cheapnchic.net DIY Directory). Literally it costs AED 25 for 2 meters. I decided on numerous projects but this is by far my favorite and most versatile.

What you will need:

Scissors, old wrapping paper, magic tape, PVC, clutch bag to use as a template, pen, screw-in studs, hemp string, sharp blade, paper plates, plastic wool needle.


1. Begin by creating the template. I used a hologram bag from H&M and traced around it on the wrapping paper.

2. Use your scissors to cut around the wrapping paper template, then tape the template to the PVC.

3. Cut around the template until you have the shape of the clutch in PVC.

4. On the sides of the clutch only, create slits in the PVC. I used paper plates underneath to create a barrier. I also bought a punch for holes but as it didn’t work (the trials of Satwa) I had to create the slits. The finish is just as good, I think.

5. From here, fold the clutch in half and using the hemp string and plastic wool needle thread in and around the clutch seam in a zig zag fashion. That’s basically your bag. I have loads of variations which I will share here but the basic bag shape is the same.

6. To add studs, buy screw-in ones and cut small 5 mm slits where you want to place the studs and screw them in. That easy!

Here are some other examples, you can see the bags look really different depending on the colour of the insert pouch.