When searching for a gift idea for a Capricorn, think practical, but at the same time try to keep the artistic, sentimental vibes. They would rather have something they can use than something they need to dust. For instance, comfortable clothing is a good idea as long as it matches their taste or has a unique color or statement. They love to spend time with the ones they love, so always make sure you provide them with this as a part of their gift! Well, to make things easier, here are some ideas of what to get your beloved Capricorn on their birthday!

1. Musical instrument

A guitar is the most common recommendation; however, you can get them whatever instrument they have been telling you lately that they aim to learn. You'll be surprised of how fast they will master this instrument because Capricorns are very smart and fast learners!

2. Restaurant reservation

Whether you take her/him on a date, invite them out with friends for a different cuisine or just give them a fancy restaurant gift card to use on their own, a Capricorn will LOVE this type of gift! Because a Capricorn person is someone who appreciates food with its various tastes, this gift will be an outstanding experience for them.

3. Personalized gift

Whether it's a cup, a notebook or even a bath robe, a Capricorn will feel so special receiving a custom-made gift especially if it holds their name! Head to the nearest silver shop or online crafts page and place an order to ace your gift!

4. Essential winter sweater

Well, doesn't have to be specifically a sweater! Just get them something they've been in need for or something that they will be using everyday. A gift of a great use for a Capricorn is the most significant thing! So make sure to get them something that they find useful. This could be a pair of warm slippers or even a cute silk blanket!

5. Decorate or protect their items like this

Yes! If you get them a laptop or a mobile pretty cover, cute stuff for desk decoration or beautiful home mats, you will win their heart! Yes, they love their stuff, and they like to protect it, so if you help them do this mission, you're golden! Look for what's precious for your Capricorn partner or friend, and help them keep it safe and pretty. If they have a valuable piece of jewelry for example, getting them an authentic jewelry box will be a brilliant idea!

Main image credits: bellazon.com

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