The Sahara Collection: A Fashion Brand That's Doing Good for Animals
Jasmine Kamal
2/19/23, 3:30 PM

Life can be made even more beautiful when you know that the clothes you're wearing have helped to save another life! That's exactly where "The Sahara Collection" comes in. With their new campaign, Co-Exist, they aim to donate the money generated from sales of their clothing and use it for animal shelters across Egypt. All the while raising awareness about how people can humanely co-exist with street animals. We recently caught up with Karmah, one of the co-founders of the brand, to find out more about their mission and ambition…

- Firstly, we would like to learn more about the founder of The Sahara Collection?

My name is Karmah Sabry and I am one of the partners at The Sahara Collection, along with my sister and Mother.

The Sahara Collection is a local clothing brand that fuses Egyptian heritage with of-the-moment trends. All our garments are manufactured in-house, at our clothing factory. The Sahara Collection also has a section of handmade accessories and handicrafts all handmade by women in different areas around Egypt eg Siwa, Nagada, and St. Catherine, brought to us by a sister company, Nomad Gallery.


- So, When did you start up? What made you want to jump in and give it a go?

We started at the end of 2011, and since then we have been enjoying manufacturing merchandise for our local brand and other fellow Egyptian brands and companies. 

- Can you tell us more about the name and its story?

The name came about when we thought of something that incorporates the concept of both Egyptian heritage and what’s in fashion.

- We see you make clothes for both women and men. That must be tough- How hard is it to keep up with trends for different genders?

Designing and producing for both men and women can be quite challenging, but we always try to think of the dominant elements in Egyptian heritage alive with inspiration to blend with of-the-moment style.

- So, you have this mission to "Save A Paw" and we love it. What made you all choose to support this over anything else? How did everything start with 'Save A Paw'?

The mission to help animals started when I was witnessing animals suffer on a daily basis on the streets, as well as on social media.

I brainstormed different ways to raise funds for animal shelters and organizations and then quickly realized I could help them through the resources already available at hand—the clothing factory and brand. So I founded our fashion-for-a-cause line, Save A Paw, to raise funds for animal organizations through the sale of its merchandise. After the campaign launched and I became more involved in the multi-faceted issues of animal welfare, I decided to shed light on a different animal-related topic through the designs of each Save A Paw collection, as well as of course donate the proceeds to animal shelters. We have clothing collections shedding light on Adoption, Pet Commitment, Baladi Animals, Dog Fighting, and the latest, Co-Exist. 

- Now, we want to know what's the new Co-Exist campaign all about. Let us in on the details!

Our latest campaign and collection by Save A Paw, Co-Exist, explores the importance of co-existing with animals in their natural environments. By feeding animals, spreading awareness, and performing TNR to help save Baladi mothers and their litters, we are able to accommodate animals to co-exist with us. Save A Paw aims to raise awareness and acceptance of animals in our daily lives while opposing the killing and abuse of strays in the streets. 

The Co-Exist campaign came about when never-ending cases involving abuse, and killing of stray animals were being seen all over social media and on the streets. It stands against the widespread disapproval of the fact that animals are meant to live peacefully among us. The campaign hopes to put an end to the violence animals endure and mass poisoning/killing by innumerable streets and compounds. Save A Paw also hopes to spread awareness of the simple and easy ways one can help animals survive on a daily basis.

- We are aware that you are campaigning for better Co-Existence with Baladi strays. Could you elaborate on the efforts being taken to spread awareness about this issue? 

The efforts being taken to spread awareness on the topic of co-existence so far, have been the release of the collection, and the Co-Exist campaign shoot, and we’re hoping to spread more awareness through the media. It’s all still a work in progress, and we are hoping to achieve more along the way.

 - Did people being receptive to this idea?

Since the launch of Save A Paw, many people have expressed great support and excitement towards the initiative and cause.

I got to know so many animal lovers who love wearing the brand as a means of motivation/encouragement to help more animals. While some customers love supporting this cause, some like to support our other initiatives as well. We have other fashion-for-a-cause campaigns, one for Palestine, and one for children’s foundations, which has given people the option to choose which cause they’d like to help with…and some like to help with all three causes! And as mentioned above, The Sahara Collection also has a section of handmade accessories and handicrafts all made by women in different areas around Egypt eg Siwa, Nagada, St. Catherine, which supports their work and provides them with opportunities to sell their products through our brand. 

- Finally, If you could tell everyone just one thing to do to help out our animal friends, what would it be?

If I were to tell people one thing to do to help co-exist with animals it would be to help out in any way that you can- by spreading awareness through social media, putting out water and food (dry food or leftovers that they are allowed to eat), support TNR programs that help save Baladi mothers and their litters from the harsh lives on the streets, offer shelter from the heat or cold if possible… because even the smallest act makes a huge difference to them.

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