Christine Massarany took her love for playing dress up and dramatic style changes to creating her semi-couture fashion brand. Her designs embody the modern women and draw inspiration from women's silhouettes. With her feminine cuts, her brand is for the ones who love to stand out. Her label was founded in 2017 creating pieces for evening and morning wear.


Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Christine El Massarany. I'm a mother of two. I used to work in PR and advertising, but I always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and creating my own brand. After graduating from university, I worked for 5 years, then I got married and had my first child.

4 years later with my second baby, I was waiting for the right time to start taking courses to know more about the fashion industry. At some point, I realized that there is no right time, and that I had to create my chance not wait for it. If there is a will, there is a way.

My Husband pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and finally start taking my first course. It was a positive step, because it showed me how much I'm really passionate about it. My husband was always telling me to just start so I can for sure know if this is what I want, because sometimes you think you love something, but once it takes an academic path, you find out it's not what you imagined.


What do you think makes your designs stand out in the industry?

I think, working with passion and love makes each piece special. I don't work on a mass production basis, I’m just doing what I love without any restrictions, budget or specific taste. It's all about creating special and different pieces.

I enjoy what I’m doing so much and believe that people can feel my passion and effort put in each piece. I work on each dress as if it's the hit of the collection or a piece that I will personally wear in a special occasion, so I end up coming up with a full collection of special fabrics and designs. I always think about how to make statement dresses; whether playing with the fabrics and/or the design.

Another thing I give so much attention to is the finishing; and that's why it takes me a hell of a time to finish a collection. I'm not the kind of person who wears tailor made dresses because I always disapprove of the quality. That's why when I first started, I decided to make a ready-to-wear collection. I wanted to give my clients super quality products that are hassle free, which is a deficiency in the Egyptian market; especially evening dresses.


What sparked your love for fashion as a teenager?

When I was a teenager, I gave so much attention to clothes and fashion. I had two older sisters and they had more clothing options that I used to play around with. I remember getting creative while dressing up for Thursday nights out. I loved changing my style. I would also change my hair color and cuts a lot, which I still do until now. I love my style to be more interesting and unpredictable.

What inspires your designs? Where do you draw inspiration from when you’re caught in a rut?

You can be inspired by anything. Sometimes I have to search for inspiration and sometimes it just comes to me. My first collection was inspired by the Oyster Mushroom. It all starts at a mood board. Once I come out with the inspiration, everything else goes smoothly because the key element that inspired you, gives you the template for the color scheme, fabrics and materials.

What’s it like to work with your partner? Is it hard to separate the business and personal life?

I can safely say that I’m very lucky to have a husband who believes in me and my talent so much. Working with him is the greatest thing. I always tell him that I couldn't have made it without him. He is not always involved in my work because he also has his own work, but he always finds a way to be there when there are any difficulties.

What future plans do you have for your brand?

My dream is to become an international brand and have more than one line, like ready-to-wear and swimwear. I also want to have showrooms in the US, UK and of course Dubai.

What piece of advice do you have for someone wanting to pursue their passion in fashion?

Go ahead and don’t waste your time! Just start now because nothing beats seeing your dream come true, doing what u love is priceless.


Pictures featured are from Christine's latest collection 'Stardust' inspired by the disco age.