Why Getting Married Without a Wedding Party Is a Great Idea!

Farida Abdel Malek
6/1/20, 12:00 AM

This is a difficult time for brides. It can be frustrating and actually even terrifying when you've made plans and arranged a wedding and then the pandemic hits and you have to reconsider everything you had in mind. 

However, there is an alternative that a lot of couples have been considering, which is getting married without a wedding, or through having a small intimate wedding gathering with the closest people to them, to minimize any danger to anyone. 

Note: Please remember to stay safe and avoid any social events. And make sure everyone you're in contact with or will be in contact with has been completely quarantining or isolating. To ensure the safety of your family and yourselves.

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So, today we're talking about the positives and benefits of not having a wedding party and why not having a big wedding is a good idea in times like these:

1. You don't have to invite people

Or make excuses as to why you didn't invite them. You know that struggle every couple has to go through where they want to limit the number of invites, but their family insists on inviting this person or this family because it's rude not to. Well now is the perfect time to make use of the situation we're in. Because you get to have only the smallest number of people and others will understand because there's a pandemic. 

2. A great opportunity if you have social anxiety 

People with social anxiety are sometimes more stressed about their wedding day than they are excited. The thought of being the center of attention among all these people is just hard to deal with. Now is the perfect chance to have your special day without having to worry about these pressures. 

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3. Less overwhelming 

No matter who you are and whether you're an anxious person or not, weddings are really really stressful. The wedding day and the days leading up to the wedding can be so overwhelming that it could take away from the beauty of it. Now you can just enjoy getting to be with the person you love without all the wedding anxiety and stress. 

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4. You'll save a ton of money 

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of all. Not having a big wedding party will save you an unbelievable amount of money that you can invest in your home, honeymoon, and future. You can get to have your dream honeymoon and maybe even buy that overpriced couch that made you both so happy. 

5. It will definitely be cozy 

A lot of big weddings miss that element of coziness and intimacy. It's the most special day of your life and you want to feel close to the people you love most and celebrate your love. Not having a big wedding party will definitely ensure that your day will feel really intimate and personal.

6. You don't have to worry about wedding planning

Imagine not having to plan for your wedding. All these things you'll have on your to-do list and wedding checklist will be cut in half.

7. You're not limited with wedding dress options

If you've always secretly dreamt of wearing a unique, unconventional, or really simple wedding dress, now is the time. You can wear whatever you want and not have to worry about if it fits the theme or event. 

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8. It's cool and modern

I think there's something really modern and chic about having a small wedding in your home or backyard. It's comfortable, classy, and very chic.

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9. You have more control 

Adding on to the previous point, you get to have more control over the space and how the day will be. It can be now, next week, next month or anytime you want. If it's at your home you get to feel more comfortable and in control of how things go on the day. 

10. You can tell your kids about it later

You will quite literally stand out from the crowd, so much so, that one day you'll get to tell your kids about how you didn't have a big wedding like everyone else and instead got married in a more cool, casual and simple home ceremony, which helped you save for their college tuition (Just kidding, don't guilt-trip them).  

Main Image Credits: Danielle Riley Photography Via Pure Wow


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