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| by Nada Allam

How to Clean Your Eyeglasses Properly

This feature is dedicated to all the pretty ladies who wear eyeglasses. Don’t you just hate it when you realize you've been wearing unclean glasses for the past few hours? Or when no matter how many times you clean your lens with tissue, or your shirt, it still doesn't get as clean as it should be? Well, no worries ladies, as we are going to tell you exactly how you should clean your eyeglasses properly.

1. Do not clean your glasses using your shirt.

The reason your glasses are never clean when you use the shirt you're wearing, is that your shirt is probably filled with dust that scratches the lenses rather than cleans it. 

2. Soap and cotton products.

One of the best ways to clean your eyeglasses properly is by gently washing the lens of your glasses with some soap, then rinse off with warm water. To keep them in good shape throughout the day, you need to make washing your glasses a daily habit, preferably in the morning before wearing them. Lastly, after cleaning them, use a dry cotton piece, such as a bath towel or a microfiber cloth.

3. Keep a small microfiber cloth with you at all times.

Just in case you accidentally smudge your glasses while sitting in a meeting, you don’t need to leave and go to the bathroom. Keep a small microfiber cloth in your purse and use it to clean your glasses properly and super fast. 

4. Purchase eyeglass cleaner.

Eyeglass cleaners are usually sold at eyeglass shops and they are great for cleaning your eyeglasses properly. Most importantly they are portable, which means you can clean your glasses anytime and anywhere. 

5. Do not rest your eyeglasses on the lenses.

Not only will this scratch your lens, but it will also smudge up your glasses. Keep your glasses clean throughout the day by placing them correctly in their box when you're not wearing them. 

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