If you're one of the people who hate mornings, I bet that you sometimes feel like an outcast. Each and every morning, and no matter how hard you try - nothing seems to work, you're just not meant to love the sunrise! But don't feel bad, you're not alone. There are many people out there who hate mornings, and I gathered some funny GIFs that you might relate to. Read along to uncover the 10 things only people who hate mornings would understand. I just hope I can put a smile on your face, instead of that grumpy look!

1. People who hate mornings (almost!) plan everything the night before. You take your shower, you do your hair and you prepare your outfit, because those extra 5 minutes of sleep mean everything to you.

2. Morning haters would set their alarm at 6 am, 7 am, then 8 am, but will only hear and respond to 9 am! You’ll never stop wondering how you were not able to hear Ariana Grande sing and scream for three hours on repeat. 

3. People who hate mornings would be seduced to think that waking up at 6 am and working out will make them a whole new person, a happier one! But then they think of their bed, and they realize that they're already happy.

4. People who hate mornings can relate to a vampire's agony and pain when the sun rises up. They get the same feeling when they forget the drapes open the night before!

5. People who hate mornings wonder every day what would happen if they just decided to keep on sleeping and skipped work! They usually jump out of bed in a grumpier mood, and they should be avoided on days like these! 

6. People who hate mornings really want to look good in the morning, but that only means they have to wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual. So, they decide that it's okay to look like they just jumped out of bed - they actually did! Honesty is a plus.

7. People who hate mornings cringe when they remember school days, they had to wake up at 6 am and actually be nice to avoid detention! 

8. People who hate mornings have a hard time understanding morning people and their chit chats and enthusiasm. Like where do people get their morning energy from?

9. You think people who hate mornings love coffee because it helps them cope with mornings? Certainly not! It's just about those extra 15 minutes they have to avoid talking to anyone and can be left alone in peace! 

10. Best time to start a conversation with people who hate mornings? 12 pm is probably a good time; by then they realized and coped with the fact that they are no longer in their bed!