Disney Pixar's latest animation Soul is a lot deeper than what many may think of when it comes to animations. There's actually a beautiful message behind the film and it's concept. After watching it, I really felt that there were many things that I needed to change about how I was living. The movies is about Joe, a music teacher who loves playing the piano and jazz music. He dreams of working with a famous band and as he gets closer to his dream he falls into a coma. He then finds himself on a spiritual journey that teaches him about life and its value. So, here are life lessons from the movie Soul that stuck with me.

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8 life lessons from Disney Pixar's Soul:

1. Enjoying the simpler things in life

One of the things the film was able to shed light on is how we're always preoccupied with life's difficulties that we're unable to enjoy  the simplest things and joys in life. Most of us are always too busy pursuing goals and achievements, all the time, that we forget to actually live, see life's beauty, listen to music, look up at the sky, enjoy our food...Each of us have things that bring us joy, so why do we forget to actually enjoy it? This also should remind us to focus on making time for ourselves and do the things that make us happy. 

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2. Enjoying finding success

One of the truly defining moments in the film is when "Joe" was able to achieve his dream of playing with the famous band. This was a reminder for me to enjoy what we've achieved and our success, even if for some people it may seem mundane or boring. Sometimes most of us don't realize how great the work we're doing is, thinking only of the next step and wanting to do more.  It's important to remember to enjoy the journey it took us to get where we are and where we're going. 

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3. You don't have to have a goal to live for

Most of us can spend a long time looking for a talent and a passion in life, but one of the things I learned from the movie is that you don't necessarily have to have a certain passion or goal to live for. It is enough for a person to be able to enjoy the beauty of life and the blessings we have, regardless of the wealth, fame, or success in the conventional sense.

4. Accept change

It is hard for us to accept changes in the future that we might have hoped for it go differently. But with time, we can try to accept this change and maybe start to feel fulfilled. In the movie, the barber, Dez, who dreamed of being a veterinarian, but after his son’s illness, the barber school was the least expensive, and after that he found his passion for it and proved his skill.

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5. Getting lost in the hassle of life

We all get lost in the hustle and bustle of life, with our jobs, routines and daily pressures that make us forget to live life and enjoy it. It is important to reserve our energy and invest our time in doing things that actually make us happy, instead of being detached from reality.

6. Not being influenced by negative words

The simplest words can affect us greatly. It is important to remember to not give in to the negativity that people throw and remember than you know yourself more than anyone. This was inspired by the movie when Personality 22 was affected by negativity she had suffered and how it changed her.

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7. Appreciating the blessings of life

Not many of us really take time to be present and appreciate our blessings. We only remember it when something or someone is taken away from us.  When Joe started to remember that he had a lot in his life to be thankful for, it was a good reminder that we should try to enjoy life and appreciate what we have as much as possible, because we're not going to live forever.

8. Supporting the people who need you

One thing that most of us know, but Soul was keen to focusing on, is helping people who need your support. If we have the ability to help anyone, we shouldn't hesitate to do so, like the girl in the movie who was playing the trumpet in the classroom with Joe.

Main Image Credits: Tor.com