First day at work. It's not easy. First impressions and judgments, unfortunately, are usually made.  Communication between you and your new colleagues can. be tricky in the beginning. Some of us find it hard to know what to say on your first day at work and what not to. In fact, some of the phrases below are just natural and come from good intentions, but those around you still don't know you well and so they might misread and misunderstand you. So, today we gathered 25 things you shouldn't say on your first day of work to help you out. 

Note: Keep in mind that some of these things could be said later on, naturally in the middle of conversations at work. It is important to be yourself and not feel restrained, just take it slow and gradually make friends that can understand you true personality and your intentions. Just try to keep the first impression easy and comfortable for you and them.

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What not to say on your first day at work:

1. At my old job, we actually did it this way...

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2. I think you need a lot of improvement.

3. I need to leave early today.

4. I am planning a trip soon, when I can get a vacation.

5. You actually seem a lot different from the phone.

6. Which coworker should I avoid?

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7. What? No, that's really wrong! Not what I learnt at all. (Try to be patient in the beginning and wait to learn and see how they do things.)

8. I heard a rumor about x. Is it true?!

9. I think I'm going through a difficult time in my life right now.

10. Are you single?

11. My old boss was horrible, had no idea how to handle things. 

12. I think I don't have enough energy these days.

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13. How long have you been married? How comes your don't have any children yet?

14. I get bored really easily. Can't stay on one thing for too long.

15. Are you not bored of doing the same thing every day?

16. Is there anything fun to do in this place?

17. Come over to my place this weekend.

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18. I think my presence will benefit everyone.

19. Do you know when I'll be getting a raise or bonus?

20. Why does x look so grumpy?

21. I left my ex because ...

22. I think you need to reduce these long working hours.

23. I'm here only as a stepping stone/transitional phase.

24. Let's take a selfie for Instagram!

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25. In my opinion, this place needs a lot of changes.

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