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| by Omneya Hossam

14 Things Only People Who Have Pet Cats Can Relate To

Pets are great and cats are the best. I say this because I am a cat person and so I was destined to forever be their faithful servant. Raising a cat means you answer to them and not the other way around. Ever since I adopted my cat she changed my life and taught me so many things only a cat person can relate to and here are 14 of them.

1. Waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night to feed your cat.

2. Constantly calling them and being ignored!

3. Feeding them when they’ve just been fed.

4. Getting scars all over your hands.

5. Losing the small things you put on your desk and finding them in unexpected places.

6. Having fur all over your clothes.

7. Getting emotional with every cat you meet on the street.

8. Feeling guilty whenever you go out and leave them behind.

9. Hiding your furniture away from their claws.

10. Buying dry food, a lot of dry food!

11. Not needing alarms anymore…

12. Accepting to let go of the fact that it’s your bed

13. Sometimes shoes are not meant to last...not even for days.

14. There is fur in the air, and that’s ok.

Image Credits: Instagram @taylorswift

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