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Mariam Youssef
9/18/23, 8:38 AM

Some kids are already back to school and the others will be back very soon. We believe that the school has already sent the list of supplies and it’s time for you to go shopping. From notebooks to colors to tongue depressors, the list is endless. Whether you decide to buy everything on the list or just shop for the necessary things, you’ll find everything you’re looking for at these stationery stores. Read on to find out the best stationery stores where you can buy your kid’s school supplies.

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Bakier is your one stop shop to help you get everything you need for your little one. From printed notebooks to backpacks to crayons, you are surely to find everything on the list. The best thing about Bakier is that you can find it at several locations, so you won’t have to go far away to get your kid’s stuff.

Contact information:

Instagram: Bakier

Website: Bakier


This stationery store is probably every artist’s favorite place. It literally has everything related to school, college, or art projects. At Alwan, you’ll check everything on the school supply list and won’t have to go somewhere else. Make sure you browse the entire place as it has a variety of things with unique shapes and designs. You’ll also find Alwan at plenty of locations across Cairo and Giza.

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Contact information:

Hotline: 19275

Website: Alwan 

Samir & Ali

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Samir & Ali is probably one of the most well-known stationery stores in Egypt. You can find a Samir & Ali store everywhere you go, so it’d be easy to visit any branch and grab everything you need. You can also browse the website to have an idea of the available products.

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Contact information:

Instagram: Samir & Ali

Facebook: Samir & Ali

Website: Samir & Ali

Elrashedy Store

We bet you have bought your own school supplies from Elrashedy store, right? It has been pretty much the only stationery store in Cairo. Although it is an old store, it still has everything you will need for your child’s school.

Contact information:

Instagram: Elrashedy store

Elebour Group Co.

From toys to gifts to, of course, school supplies, Elebour group co has everything your child needs. If you haven’t heard about this store, let us tell you that it’s been there since 1974. Therefore, you’ll find experts there who can help you find all your stuff.

Contact information:

Instagram: Elebour Group Co.

Facebook: Elebour Group Co.

ElMaayergy Stationery

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ElMaayergy stationery provides everything that has to do with engineering, arts, paper, computer, and school supplies. It has the largest selection of international brands of school and office supplies.

Contact information:

Instagram: ElMaayergy Stationery

Website: ElMaayergy Stationery


Here’s another great stationery store that provides students with everything they need for schools. Moreover, Bernasos has installment options, so make sure you check them out. You’ll find Bernasos branches in several locations.

Contact information:

Hotline: 19185

Facebook: Bernasos

Website: Bernasos

Ashraf Ali Fayed - 3A

With several branches at Elfaggala and Alnozha, 3A stationery store has plenty of products that will satisfy all students no matter what their ages are. Surely, you’ll find everything on the school supply list.

Contact information:

Facebook: Ashraf Ali Fayed

Koko & S

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You’ve probably heard about Koko & S from a friend or neighbor since it is a well-known store that doesn’t only sell school supplies, but it also offers everything a bride-to-be or mother needs at her home. There are many branches across Giza and Cairo, so check out which one is closer to you.

Contact information:

Instagram: Koko & S

Facebook: Koko & S



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