Are you confused by the title of this article? It's normal that every mom teaches her kids to wash their hands for hygiene and to protect them from illnesses, especially nowadays with the pandemic pushing us to be extra cautious with keeping our hands constantly clean. But are you sure they know the right way to do it? Is this the way that will protect them from any bacteria or germs on their hands? Do they know how often they should be washing their hands throughout the day? You already have enough on your plate running after them all over the house to convince them to do the simplest of things, like washing their face, brushing their teeth, or even eating their meals.

So, with all that, making them wash their hands the right way, multiple times a day is no easy task, but don't worry because this is what we'll be talking about today to make your life easier.

How to teach your kids the right way to wash their hands

There are moms who think that their kids will pick up the correct way to wash their hands naturally without needing to teach them, and there are others who think it's enough to just run their hands under the water. But if you really want to protect your kids from viruses, bacteria, and germs, try the following steps to teach them how to wash their hands properly:

1. Let them watch you wash your hands so they can copy you.

2. Wet your hands with lukewarm water then lather the soap.

3. Make sure you scrub the palms from the front and back, in between the fingers, and around the thumbs. Keep scrubbing for 20 seconds (you can turn on a 20 sec long music track so your kids know how long 20 secs are, or count to 20 out loud for them).

4. Rinse your hand of the soup in warm water. Turn off the tap using paper towels then throw them right away.

5. Ask your kids to copy your steps while you watch them.

6. Make them repeat the steps multiple times in front of you throughout the day to make sure they don't forget.

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1. Children might not be able to memorize all the steps from the first time, so make sure to repeat it in front of them many times.

2. Put a stool or small ladder next to the sink for them to stand on comfortably while washing their hands.

3. Make sure to show your kids how to open and close the tap.

4. It's best if you are the one who sets the water temperature to avoid them from getting burnt with hot water.

Watch the video below on how to teach your kids the correct way to wash their hands...

Now check out some important tips and tricks to help you teach and encourage your kids to wash their hands regularly:

1. Tell them the importance of hand washing

Kids are very smart and they understand things when explained to them. Instead of being ordering them to do something with no reason whatsoever, talk to them calmly. For example, tell them that they can only play if they are well and not sick, and to do that they need to be clean, starting with washing their hands because they touch a lot of things that can be dirty.

If your child is 5 years or older, explain to him that there are viruses around us like coronavirus. These viruses can make us sick, unable to play or watch our favorite cartoon shows, or hang out with friends. So, we need to protect ourselves from it by washing our hands regularly.

2. Make hand washing a fun task

Kids are easily bored if they aren't doing something fun, so try to find a fun twist to hand washing and you'll find them eager to do it on their own. You can make it into a singing competition or talk about something funny. You can even agree to tell them a story divided into parts, every time they wash their hands throughout the day, you tell them part of it.

3. Set specific times for hand washing

If you want to teach your kids to wash their hands without you reminding them all the time, is by setting specific hours with alarms for hand washing. You get busy with housework it could be difficult for you to remind them on your own, so alarms with fun tones can be a great way to remind them to wash their hands.

4. Rewards and treats

Is there a child who doesn't love rewards when they do something right? Stock up on your kids' favorite candies and if they wash their hands regularly all day, they get a piece.

5. Scented soap and sanitizers

You surely know your child's favorite scents, so make sure to buy or make them sanitizers and soap that has these scents to encourage them to wash their hands more, and for a longer time to enjoy these scents on their hands.

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