Life has got us all busy with its endless responsibilities, be it work, household chores, children, or other things; something that can make you overlook sentiments and romance. Well, since summer is here, it is the perfect time for a romantic getaway to reconnect with your spouse and put a little spark in your relationship away from all the stress and hectic responsibilities. That said, we’ll guide you through how to reconnect with your spouse on your next vacation, so keep reading.

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Go on a Second Honeymoon

how to reconnect with your partner on a vacation fustany

Honeymoons aren’t just for newly married couples. No matter how long you’ve been married, you can still go on as many honeymoons as you want to refresh your relationship with your spouse. And for those who didn’t have a first honeymoon to start with, this will be a perfect chance for you to go on one. Whether you’re spending your honeymoon inside or outside Egypt, your stay doesn't have to be too long. The purpose of this is to spend quality time together and ignite your love. Book a honeymooners’ suite and allow the hotel to treat you like a newly married couple.

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Plan Your Vacation Together

You don’t have to plan every single second of your vacation; you should allow some spontaneous moments. However, you should sit together and discuss what you want to do there. For example, decide on the activities you don’t want to miss, the places you want to visit, and the restaurants you want to dine in. Planning your vacation together will minimize minor arguments that may happen while you’re there and help you spend more time enjoying what you’ve planned.

Don’t Plan Too Much Though!

how to reconnect with your partner on a vacation fustany

We know how exciting it can be to go on a vacation, especially when you’re super worn out and in desperate need of relaxation and change. However, overplanning or making your schedule busy with activities may ruin your vacation. After all, the main purpose of this getaway is to reconnect with your spouse. That’s why you need to allow some spontaneous, unplanned quality time to spend together alone without being exhausted or overloaded.

Allow Each Other Some Alone Time

Even though they may contradict the whole idea of this article, it is one of the most important things to do while you’re on vacation together. Traveling with your spouse means that you’ll mostly be in confined places, such as flights, hotel rooms, ship cabins, and cars. Therefore, it is crucial to spend some time alone to give each other some space and privacy. Too much closeness may have the opposite effect, so it is best to take occasional breaks from each other. When there are things you want to do separately, don’t hesitate to do them alone as this will refresh your shared time and reduce tension.

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Try to Be Flexible

Planning is great! But you must know that things can change and may not go according to plan. This should not upset you or ruin your time. Learn to accept that this is fine and it may happen. This isn’t a math problem; this is a vacation, where both of you should spend a spontaneous, adventurous, and fun time together. Remember that anything that goes wrong or is not as planned is a chance for some spontaneity.

Please Put Your Phone Away!

Rule number one to connect with your spouse is to actually be there with him, heart and soul. Unfortunately, we’re so caught up in nowadays technology that makes us cling to our phones for unimaginable amounts of time. Take this opportunity to connect with your spouse as well as nature. Try to relax and enjoy your partner’s company with no distractions. Use your phone to make and answer calls only when necessary. Additionally, don’t bring your laptop or tablet with you. Staying in each other’s company will be the real entertainment. If you want, bring a camera to capture beautiful moments, but please do not post them on social media. Do that when you’re back so you don’t waste your time on your phone away from your partner.

Surprise Him

how to reconnect with your partner on a vacation fustany

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Although you’ll spend some time planning your getaway together, you can secretly plan something specifically for him as a surprise. The surprise doesn’t have to be something tangible; it can be a romantic, candle-lit dinner or tickets to his favorite concert or football game. From the minute you start preparing this surprise for him until he finds out about it, you’ll be thinking a lot about him and what he likes, which is a great basis for reconnecting with him. Moreover, when he knows how much trouble you went through to surprise him, he’ll truly be thankful and grateful. These little things are mandatory to remind both of you how much love you have for one another.

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