Let us all agree that we are not the same; for example, the type of man I will be attracted to is likely to be the type of man you will not date, and vice versa, because our tastes differ. However, there are a few types that are a no-no for most of us, such as a lying man; I'm pretty sure no one wants to be with a partner who lies to them on a regular basis. That's why I decided to create a list of the top 10 types of men to avoid in your life.

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1. A man with a potty mouth

Let's start with the first type you should avoid because no one wants to be around a man who constantly swears. If you're on a date with this person, you might notice him being very rude to the waiter because he's a very arrogant person, and the sad part is that he won't see that there's something wrong with his behavior. You should stay away from this type of man because if he treats strangers in this manner, he will eventually treat you the same way. Pay attention to the man you've been going on dates with, and you need to think about if a man who swears a lot and insults others is someone you can be with. 

2. If he's a liar, he's out the door

Okay, repeat after me: there is no such thing as fixing him; if you see a red flag from the start, run rather than attempting to fix him. The next person on the list is the lying man. Relationships are built on trust, and if your partner lies, that trust is most likely gone. How can you trust him if he lies to you all the time? This could be a habit he developed at a young age or something he picked up over time. Whatever it is, it is not your problem, and if you decided to move to the next step with him you will constantly find yourself questioning whether he is telling the truth or not. So, it's best to think about it first and see if you'll be able to deal with such behavior or if you'll find it difficult. 

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3. A cheating man should be avoided at all costs for your own happiness

I've always wondered why cheaters cheat on their partners. And I always come to three conclusions. The first is that they are dissatisfied with what they have, and the second is that they are looking for something that you cannot provide and that doesn't mean the problem is in you. And the third is that he enjoys having multiple relationships without his partner knowing. Being in a relationship with a cheating man can be a bit challenging. They'll always be sneaky, trying to hide anything they've done that they don't want you to know about. And what about the trust in your relationship that I was telling you about? Yeah, it's out the window when you're dating a cheater.

4. A player 

Yes, the bad boy vibes are attractive to some, but let's be honest, most of us are looking for a relationship in which we connect with our partners on an emotional level. However, when it comes to dating a player, most likely they are interested in some fun, and not really looking for a deep emotional connection. If you say, "But he's different," you need to be a little careful. There is a chance he will move on to the next girl once he has taken what he desires, because that's what he's used to. It's difficult for a player to settle down, some women see that as a challenge, so you need to think long and hard about what you want out of a relationship and more importantly what you are willing to accept in a relationship. 

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5. A narcissistic man

They are known to be self-centered; and are only concerned with themselves and how they appear. They won't love you as much as they love themselves. If you're wondering if that's even possible, the answer is yes. They exist and are becoming more around us, which is why it is best to avoid them, as they could be quite difficult to be in a relationship with. You'll find him criticizing everyone, talking a lot about their status and achievements, and not in a cute way. So, if he gives you a narcissistic vibe, you might want to stay away, as they can be a bit much. 

6. The control freak

I always imagine that being in a relationship with a control freak is like being locked up; you can't do anything without getting back to him or getting his permission. The thought of being in a relationship with a man who likes to be in control of every small or large detail is suffocating to me. He may not give off the vibes of "I'm a control freak" at first, but you will notice him starting with small things like commenting on how you are dressed, then progressing on to, 'you can only speak with certain friends that he approves of', and finally taking his permission in everything. To be honest, this is not a way of life. So, for the sake of your freedom, it's best to see first if you will be able to continue in a such relationship. 

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7. A man who has trust issues

Okay, this type of man is a little tricky to be in a relationship with. You must first understand why he has trust issues. Was it something from his childhood or a previous relationship that caused him to develop trust issues? I'm not saying it's okay to date someone who has trust issues, but I'm also not saying it's not. I'm in the middle, but there is a limit. For example, if you take things slowly and work on the trust between the both of you, and he still doesn't trust you, you may need to think about whether you are capable of this relationship. However, if you try and he responds and you notice that he is changing, you should consider giving him a chance.

8. The irresponsible man

This type of man is still a child who expects his mother to do everything for him because he never matured. And this is the type of man will be a bit challenging to be in a relationship with. They always rely on others for everything, and are not dependable. Getting involved with this type of man is like taking on a burden. They will rely on you for everything, and not in a cute way, but in a way that can be overwhelming. 

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9. A cheap man

This type of man is the cherry on top of the list. They truly hate paying any kind of money. He might take you to cheap restaurants because he doesn't want to spend too much money. You might find yourself paying a lot of the time. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with splitting the bill from time to time, but if he does it all the time, or doesn't offer to pay often, even letting you pay for yourself and him, that's not a good sign. Understand that he is a cheap guy and consider whether you are comfortable being in a relationship with this type of man.

10. The sweet talker 

I understand what you're thinking. What's the problem with a sweet talker? We all enjoy hearing a few compliments and sweet words every now and then, but here's where the plot twist comes in. This type of man is a talker and not an action taker. What I mean is that they will shower you with compliments and "you mean the world to me," but when you actually need help and call him, you won't find him because he's just a talker and not an action taker. So, if he's particularly flirtatious, put him to the test to see if he'll be there for you. 

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