Christmas is upon us, and in the spirit of the jolly season, we thought we'd share with you some Christmas treats ideas and how make Christmas trees with food! The dessert table is one of the highlights of Christmas, so why not make Christmas tree desserts that you can actually eat? From how to make Christmas tree cakes, to cookies, we're sharing with you 7 ideas to make food themed Christmas trees. 

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1. How to make Christmas tree cupcakes

Making Christmas tree cupcakes is a lot easier than it seems. Start by baking your favorite cupcakes and garnish it with white frosting or coconut flakes. For the Christmas tree, you'll need green icing, a salted stick and sprinkles. Place the salted stick on a piece of baking sheet, place the green icing in a plastic bag and make a whole at the corner. Next, start squeezing, moving your hands back and forth creating squiggly lines, then throw some sprinkles on it. Leave it to try for a 15-20 minutes, then place the salted stick on the cupcakes like a candle. 

 How to make Christmas tree cupcakes

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2. How to make a puff pastry Christmas tree

You can make a Christmas tree with food like puff pastry, and stuff those branches with your favorite dessert stuffing, for example cranberry sauce or even Nutella. This dessert only takes 15 minutes to bake, when your done, sprinkle it with powdered sugar and you're good to go. 

puff pastry Christmas tree

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3. How to make an edible fruit Christmas tree

If you’re trying to stay on the healthy side during the festive season, then you could ditch the unhealthy sweets and go for fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. Use some strawberries to build your very own strawberry tree, use toothpicks to try and keep the strawberries in place. 

how to make a fruit christmas tree

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4. How to make Christmas tree Oreo pops

Take it from us, there is truly nothing easier than making Christmas tree Oreo pops. All you need to do is buy a pack of Oreos and some food coloring to create green and white icing. Start by creating the white icing, with icing still a little warm, dip your Oreo into it then leave it to dry. Once that is done, place the green icing in in a plastic bag and create a whole at the corner of the bag. Start squeezing, moving your hand back and forth to create a Christmas tree look

Christmas treats

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5. How to make a Christmas tree cake

6. How to make Christmas tree cookies

Make your own favorite cookies recipe, and shape them into Christmas trees. Enjoy a very unique Christmas with your home-made Christmas tree cookies.

Christmas tree cookies

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7. How to make Christmas tree brownies

The key to baking anything into a Christmas tree is to invest in a Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter. So, bake your favorite brownies and once they're done, use the cookie cutter and press down onto the brownie, it will cut it into a shape of a Christmas tree. Next, all you'll need to do is decorate it with green icing. 

christmas tree food

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