If chestnuts are your number 1 autumn craving, then this article is for you. A lot of people, including myself, adore this nut; it's one of a kind, and it definitely warms up a cozy, chill night. However, the process of peeling chestnuts is an impossible mission. Not being able to peel the shell isn't only annoying and time-consuming, but you also end up eating only little crumbles of it! 

Well, if peeling off a chestnut always ends in a mess, like you were just at war, then the upcoming recipes will save your life. So, chestnut lovers, here are the good news: I've decided to share with you 3 magical recipes that will make eating your favorite fall craving an easy and tasty mission! Follow up to know how.

P.S. For all the upcoming recipes, the first thing you do is that you carefully make a horizontal cut on the surface of the chestnut shell using a sharp knife as illustrated in the image below.


Afterwards, soak the chestnuts in water for 30 minutes. 


1. The 'Microwave' recipe

Well, you don't just put your chestnuts in the microwave and wait for the magic to happen. There are certain procedures you want to make sure are done before you set your microwave timer. Here they are:


- After you carry out the steps mentioned above, put the chestnuts on a plate and place a glass of water in the middle of the plate.

- Put the plate in the microwave for 5 minutes (750 W)


- Enjoy your tasty, roasted, easy-to-peel chestnuts!

2. Oven-baked recipe

- Put your chestnuts on thin parchment paper in an oven tray.

- Set your oven on 190°C and insert the tray. Leave for 30 mins.

- Enjoy your warm tasty snack!


3. Pan-cooked recipe

- Put the chestnuts in a pan without any oils/butter.

- Leave the pan's cover on for 15 minutes.

- Remove the cover and stir to roast other sides of the chestnuts.

- Enjoy!


All image credits: YouTube @Cookist

Main image credits: adventuresincooking.com