How to Use Hairspray Correctly

Nada Allam
9/22/17, 12:00 AM

Growing up, I was always told to stay away from the big bottles of hairspray that were packed at the hairdresser's counter. Then came the moment when the hairdresser and I would get into a long heated debate about how he just wants to spray a little bit to maintain the hairdo. After about two minutes, we reach a compromise, however, the little turns into a lot, but at least my hair does stay in place! Here are my thoughts on hairsprays, the common myths and how to use hairspray correctly...

Hairsprays come in different types and strengths, just like shampoos, to suit each type of hair. Each hairspray has a description on it, be sure to read those few sentences and pick accordingly. If you are looking for volume, do not go for the curling hairspray. Use the hairspray correctly by picking the type that is suitable for your hair. 

Use your hairspray correctly by heading the nozzle far away from your hair,this will also prevent any hair strands from sticking together. Run your fingers through your hair and spray all around, so that the liquid can reach all over. Also be sure to hold the spray at least 30 centimeters away from your hair. 

One of the most common uses of hairspray is to add and maintain volume. If you have an event and are opting for volumized hairdo, be sure to use the hairspray that adds volume. That way, you hair will have that va va voom effect throughout the entire event, and it doesn't go all sleek and boring.

Another way to use hairspray correctly is by spraying it on a blow dried hairdo the next day. Add that hint of sparkle and revive that old hairdo for another event. It will look just as new. 

If you have oily hair, do not use the hairspray that will add shine to your hair, you do not want any more gloss.

The summer is all about embracing braids and including it in your hairdo. The trick is to keep the hairdo in place, especially if you go for a messy bun. Be sure to use the kind of hairspray that will maintain the do. Celebrities don't keep their messy hairdo's effortlessly, hairspray is involved. 

Hairspray can be used to lock up your curls if you are going for that type of hairdo. When your hair is in the rollers, spray some of that magic onto your hair, then remove. It will keep your curls in shape and looking lovely all night long. 

A common misconception is that hairspray will lead to hair loss or sticky/oily hair. Stay away from these sprays, and use a spray that will give your hair a natural look. 

Unfortunately when we use some strong hairsprays it results in a crunchy feel to it. This happened to me once, even though it kept my hairdo in place the entire night, I had a hard time washing it off. So here is a tip, to use hairsprays correctly, be sure not to overdo it. The spray is already strong, so reduce the amount you would normally use.

Another way to reduce the crunchy feel is to avoid going over your hair with any sort of heat after using the spray. Be sure that the minimal amount of strong spray you use, is the last step to your hairdo. 

Be careful if you have a sensitive scalp, hairsprays contain alcohol and will sting. Apply hairspray on strands of hair and stray away from the scalp.

There are some strands near the front of the face that are hard to reach with spray, unless you sting your eyes. Spray some of the liquid into your hand and apply them onto your hair. You can even use this method and run your fingers through all of your hair.


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