Have you cried after having a haircut? Have you ever struggled with your hair after having a cut? Well, if you've been there, then you're in the right place! Most of us have had bad experiences with haircuts, either due to impulse decisions to have a haircut or because of choosing a haircut that doesn't suit our hair type at all. That's why I'll share with you six things you need to know before getting a haircut, from how often you should trim your hair to the best hair products that will match your new hairstyle. If you're planning to get a haircut soon, then read on...

1. How often should you trim your hair?

I guess you've always heard this hair trimming rule: Get a hair trim every 6 to 8 weeks. Why? Trimming your hair regularly won't make it grow faster, however, your hair will look super healthy with no split ends or breakage. Tip: Be very specific with your hairdresser, and let them know that you only need a trim!

2. Which is better, a dry haircut or a wet haircut?

The decision to have a dry haircut versus a wet haircut actually depends on your hair type. If you have curly hair or frizzy hair, then you should totally go for a dry haircut, that way, you can actually see how your hairstyle will look like, because your hair texture and length is different when it's wet. A wet haircut is also the way to go if you your hair is colored/dyed, to better see where the highlights fall. On the other hand, if you have fine straight hair, you can go for the traditional wet haircut.

3. Find the best bangs for your face shape.

There are many variations for bangs, so before getting bangs, do a little research to find the best ones for your face shape. Look at photos of celebrities, and see why some bang styles work while others don't. The right bangs will frame your face in a perfect way, and the wrong bangs might overwhelm your face. Make sure to show your hairdresser photos, and know exactly what you're asking for. Remember, bangs are high maintenance.

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4. What's the best haircut for your face shape?

Before going for any haircut, you must be aware of your face shape and understand your hair's natural texture. There are certain haircuts that can help you add more volume, give structure to your face and emphasize your features. What works for an oval face shape might not be the best choice for a round face shape. Also, what works for thick hair might not really work for fine hair. The right haircut does wonders!

5. Maintain your haircut.

Fabulous hair doesn't just happen. Hair needs constant care, and to have great looking hair, you must maintain your haircut. Sometimes you'll need to visit your hairdresser every now and then to keep your hairstyle fresh, and to keep the layers and bangs chopped to perfection.  

6. Ask your hairdresser about the best hair products.

By now you must know that if your best friend swears by a certain shampoo, it shouldn't necessarily do the same for you! Your hairdresser knows a thing or two about different hair types, and they can help you pick the best hair products for you. Ask about shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant and other hair-styling products such as mousse or serum.

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