Growing Out A Pixie? Here’s How To Handle The Journey From Too Short To Long Hair!

Mariam Youssef
9/4/23, 11:00 AM

We've all gone to the salon for a haircut, only to leave thinking about what went wrong with our once-beautiful hair. Dealing with a too-short haircut is never easy, but with the proper mindset, you may make the most of your situation and possibly like your new shorter hair. Meanwhile, maintain appropriate hair care routines to ensure that it grows out as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t regret your short haircut and think that it suits you better than long hair, growing it back is a tedious process that may make you question the whole thing. Without further ado, let’s get started and share tips on how to handle the journey from too-short to long hair.

Change your hair part regularly

A minor change of your hair part can truly make all the difference. This can be used to hide or highlight any shorter layers. Ear tucks can also be used to conceal the length of your hair when it is in the middle of growing out. Use an anti-frizz cream to control any frizz and end up with a cool, sleek look.

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Try hair accessories

Accessories are an excellent approach to conceal a growing-out cut. Tucking hair out of the way, applying a firm hold hairspray, or hiding it behind a hairband will conceal 'in-between' layers or difficult-to-hide hair pieces.

Hair accessories like bobby pins do extremely nicely. We're also digging the braid looks seen during Coachella. So, if your hair can be braided, why not make a fashionable hair statement by braiding your hair with a knot that stands out?

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Add volume

Adding volume to your hair can also aid in the changeover process. You can also use hair styling products to add volume to your hair. Experts advocate applying a lifting spray to generate a high amount of volume at the root. Choose a product that is light and gentle on the scalp and roots of the hair. This will be especially beneficial to those who frequently color or use a lot of heat on their hair.

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Sleek wet look

If your hair has varied lengths and appears to be uncontrollable, a little hair gel is going to be the most helpful thing. A slicked-back hairstyle can tone down short layers, growing bangs, and loose hair while giving you a stylish "wet hair" look. Use a tiny amount of professional styling gel to style your hair.

Go crazy with experiments 

The boredom aspect is why people struggle and take so long to start growing out their hair. Change your hair color to avoid this. You can go for something new with little commitment by trying a temporary, wash-out hair color, such as those sold by Samir William. A splash of color can help to break up the boredom.

Extensions all the way!

Are you eager to grow your hair to the length you want? You don't have to wait that long. Hair extensions will not only provide you with lengthy strands right away, but they can also assist settle uneven layers as they grow out. To acquire the best results, use a reputable extension brand or seller, as you only need to learn the application of a single piece.

Get regular haircuts

When growing out your short hair, get regular haircuts but just have the back and sides trimmed to remove 'bulk' while allowing the top layers to grow out naturally. Regular conditioning treatments will keep your hair in the greatest possible condition as it grows.

If you have a blunt bob, it should be softer. You must maintain the length while shifting the weight. To make the hair look less wig-like, cut it through.

Summer hats

As previously stated, accessories, like hats, will be a great solution when it comes to concealing varied lengths of hair as it grows. You can wear one as a fashionable method to grow short hair at any time of year. Wear a bucket hat in the summertime to unleash your inner hip girl character. When it's winter, you can always go for a beanie.

Hair care and nourishment

It's critical to keep your hair in good condition, especially when you're trying to grow it. Short hair is more prone to breaking down than longer hair, which is the opposite of what you need if you want to achieve length. Although hair can keep growing even with split ends, the damage can move up the hair shaft quicker than the scalp. Use a hair mask no less than once a week to thicken your hair and counteract fried ends (that can contribute to breaking).

Growing out short hair is a tiring long process, which leaves you in a confused state about what needs to be done. Try the mentioned tips to enjoy this process and achieve faster hair growth.

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