15 Beach-Friendly Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Cute As a Button!

Mariam Youssef
7/6/23, 1:00 PM

Are you planning your next vacation? Are you going to the beach to get all tanned up? Awesome! Summertime is bringing us joy and a great opportunity to visit the beach. However, due to humidity, your hair may not be as thrilled as you are. Therefore, not only should you care a great deal about moisturizing your hair and making it ready for the beach, but you should also look into beach-friendly hairstyles that will make it easier for you to swim and look cute at the same time. That said, let’s dig into 15 hairstyles for the beach; let’s make your vacation count!

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1- Center braid

This beach-friendly hairstyle is a really stylish and adorable hairdo that will make you look great. It doesn't require much work and is rather simple to do. Simply brush your hair thoroughly, divide the midsection of your hair into three equal parts, and braid them into a little ponytail. Leave the remaining part of your hair out. It's quite simple and doesn't require any time or effort.

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2- Single fishtail braid

Fishtail braids scream mermaids, and what's a better hairstyle than a mermaid braid on the beach? Depending on your preferences, you can modify the fishtail braid to a French braid. Additionally, you can make it a little bit messy to match the beach vibes. It surely is one of the most attractive beach hairstyles with a straightforward appearance.

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3- Bantu knots

A protective hairstyle known as a bantu knot is achieved by tightly making small buns in your hair. They are useful and adorable at the same time whenever you're spending a day at the beach and don't want the wind to keep blowing your hair left and right.

4- Silk scarf

Silk scarves have a rebellious and sophisticated sense to them. They work just as well as headbands in preventing hair from getting in your face. Hot summer days were made for having fun, so choose vibrant colors, silky or cotton textures, and mesmerizing patterns to truly stand out!

5- Sea-inspired hair clips

Do you enjoy exploring tide pools looking for seashells and starfish? Use these to secure your hair in a bun! Well, you may as well buy them beforehand before heading to your vacation destination. These sea-inspired hair clips will also be ideal to keep your bangs away from your face. You may also invest in some cute sea-inspired accessories to complete the look.

6- High pony for curly heads

If you have natural little, coily curls, this hairstyle will help you stay cool and is very simple to do: Simply pull hair up into a crown ponytail. Even if you're not a curly head, to get those surprisingly tight spirals, you can use straws to curl your hair the night before. (If you use a curling iron, you risk getting them wet by the water).

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7- Rasta

We have to start by saying that Rasta isn’t for everyone, especially girls with fragile hair. If you’re really up for it, it can help a lot with making you worry less about your hair. The tight braids will be a breeze whenever you’re swimming or just tanning on the beach.

8- Boho braids

If you like the Rasta hairstyle but don’t want to risk damaging your hair, opt for these bigger braids. Section your hair into small squares and braid away! Try this lovely braided hairstyle if you enjoy wearing your hair down but dislike brushing out the knots. Your hair will be shielded from waves and the wind by this one for sure.

9- Double Dutch pigtails

The cute double Dutch braids look great on both long and short hair. You have two options for ending the braids: either stop at the back of the neck and tie them together in loose bunches as seen in the picture or braid them all the way down.

10- Double Dutch buns

Adding a quirky touch to double Dutch braids is another clever idea to change your look every day at the beach. As you work your way up, begin the braids at the back of your neck and wrap them into two loose buns when you reach the top. You can alternatively form the buns only if you find this challenging and forgo the braids.

11- Face-framing braids

As the name suggests, braid just the top section of your hair into two face-framing braids for a soft and cute look for the beach. Adjust the thickness of the braids to your liking and don’t forget to add hair ties at the end of each braid so they don’t unravel.

12- Half up with a braid

Having trouble deciding whether to wear your hair up or down? With this half-up, half-down hairdo, you'll rock a fabulous look. Simply divide your hair in half and pull the top piece up into a high bun. You can add French braids along the top if you have fringe or simply feel like dressing your hair up a little.

13- Colorful beach headband

Using a colorful headband will add a splash of color to your swimwear. It's so straightforward but lovely. Even better, it will assist in keeping your hair back so that, on hot, sticky days, you won't have stray hairs falling on your face.

14- Side braids

Try this stylish style that features tight braids on the right or left side of your head if you're looking for easy and cute beach hairstyles but can't put all of your hair up. It's ideal for tucking part of your hair back while having fun in hot weather. You can also let the remaining part of your hair fall in free, beachy waves.

15- Bubble pigtails

Try adding more hair ties to your pigtails and tugging your hair somewhat looser and messier to create the bubble pigtails for a fun change. This look is perfect for outdoor activities and relaxing by the pool.

Even if we adore intricate and unusual hairstyles, vacations are all about enjoyment and having fun, therefore even though we adore these ideas, we can also support trendy, carefree beach looks! Though we will never criticize you if you choose to continue with the traditional ponytail, we do hope you'll give some of these eye-catching looks a try. Which beach-inspired hairstyles are your favorites?

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