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How to Wear Black in The Summertime And Not Feel Hotter?

Mariam Youssef
6/25/23, 11:00 AM

Black clothes in the summertime? Umm, no! The heat and unbearable sun make it impossible to wear this color in the summer as it absorbs the heat and makes us feel hotter. Moreover, black can be a tad boring in the brightest season. But, hey, what if we tell you that you can rock your black outfits in the summertime and still feel breezy just like any other color? Follow these tips to know how to wear black clothes in the summertime without feeling hotter.

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It’s all about the fabric

When you consider wearing black on a hot sunny day, choose clothes with soft, airy materials like cotton, linen, chiffon, or silk. They’ll feel more comfortable when you put them on in hot weather than black jeans for example. Moreover, stay away from itchy fabrics that do nothing but make your body dripping and…well, itchy.

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Ditch long sleeves

If you’re going to wear a black top or blouse, opt for a sleeveless one that will allow your body to breathe. You may also choose a wide, deep neckline, cropped tops, or a breezy back. The same applies to bottoms. Try to go for mid-length skirts (or whatever length you prefer) instead of maxi ones. You can also replace your black pants with black shorts. What’s more, this technique can suit hijabis too! If you’re a hijabi, style your black crop top with a long white shirt or layer a white light-weight oversized shirt over a black tank top.

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Oversized is your new best friend

Put your black Carina tops and black skinny jeans with your winter clothes because we promise that you won’t endure wearing them in the summer, especially in Egypt or hotter countries like Dubai! Enter oversized clothes. Embrace the breeziness of black oversized shirts or T-shirts and black wide pants to create amazing summer outfits without suffering from the unbearable heat.

Try black with prints and patterns

If you think that black is too dull for summer, you can always go for printed black clothes. Choose floral, stripy, or graphic printed pieces to introduce more color to your outfits without actually wearing too many colors. The easiest way to do this is to wear a midi floral black dress that will celebrate the summer liveliness while allowing you to wear your favorite color. Moreover, patterns like plaid and gingham never go out of style so you may want to give them a go.

Accessories in natural materials

Black usually looks more summery with accessories made from natural materials like straw, rattan, or canvas. Leather sandals, straw bags, and canvas tote bags are everything you should look for in your summer accessories. You may also choose colors from nature like turquoise or yellow and blend them with your black outfit to make it look more season-appropriate.

Balance your outfits

Although you may be an all-in-black girl, we don’t recommend this style in the summer. Try to pair your black piece with another neutral color like white, beige, gray, or light blue. An all-black outfit may be a good choice in the evening. However, when you’re out and about at 2 pm, you definitely need to find a balance in your outfit to avoid as much heat as you can.

Vibrant colors all the way

As soon as the weather gets hotter, you have the freedom to rock your colorful linen sets and bright pieces that have been hiding in your closet during the winter months. If you want to embrace black while rocking vibrant colors, go for black accessories. A black belt, black shoes, black bag, and, maybe, black jewelry, will satisfy your deep love for this statement color. Black accessories can take your good outfit to a whole new level and make it spectacular.

The opposite technique also applies: wear black outfits with bright, neon accessories to balance out your look and make it funky.

Go for open shoes

Slippers, sandals, and mules seem like the perfect footwear in the summertime. Wearing open shoes with black outfits will allow your feet to breathe and may make your body temperature cooler. Unless you’re spending the day in an air-conditioned indoor area, skip the sneakers and opt for open shoes that will look trendy, summery, and season-appropriate.

For hijabis: choose appropriate scarf material

Image credit: sohamt on Instagram

Surely you can wear a black scarf in the summertime. It is practical and it pretty much goes with everything. However, when choosing a scarf, go for lightweight, soft fabrics. This rule applies to all colors, even if you’re buying a white scarf. One of the best ways to survive summer as a hijabi is choosing the proper hijab material, especially when it’s black.

Black is an awesome color and most of us have unconditional love for it no matter what season it is. However, it can feel a bit dull, especially in the summertime in addition to making us feel hotter. Use these tips when you decide to wear black outfits to allow your body to breathe and not feel suffocated when you’re outside.


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