One of the main pieces in any Khaliji woman's wardrobe is the simple plain black abaya, which can leave us wondering what are the best pieces to style it with. There are so many ways you can style a plain black abaya with your wardrobe to look super stylish like the best fashion bloggers. Check out the following tips and tricks to use when putting together your look and make sure you choose a style that reflects your personality too.

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How to style a plain black abaya:

How to style your Khaliji black abaya like fashion bloggers


You might think that pulling off an all black look might be hard, specially when it comes to abayas, but believe me, when done right it can turn out amazing! Many fashion bloggers decided to match the simple black abaya with a black headscarf or opted for a neutral hijab like beige or white. As for the accessories, you have many options, such as an all black look or add a pop of color to your bag and shoes which can turn a classic look to edgy even with a black abaya.

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How to layer the black abaya?


What you chose to wear underneath your abaya could make or break the whole look, because if you over do it, you risk having an exagerated and over the top outfit that makes you look bulky. But looking at Khaliji bloggers is really an inspiration to have a chic style with the black abaya. You can take a page from their looks and layer your abaya with a simple jilbab/loose dress, wide legged pants, skinny jeans or even colorful maxi skirts. Emarati blogger Latifa AlShamsi shows off a great example of wearing the black abaya with both a pleated skirt and a straight maxi skirt perfectly. One thing to keep in mind, is to go for a monochromatic outfit or avoid wearing multiple layers beneath the abaya so that you look slimmer and less bulky.

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Accessorizing your simple black abaya


Accessories make a huge difference in any outfit, but it's even more important when you're wearing a black abaya. Since black suits any other color, it's a great chance to express your own style by wearing bags and shoes in either neutral tones or colorful and eyecatching colors. You can even choose the bag and shoes in different colors like blogger Haneen AlSaify. For a trendy look, try wearing a thin belt to cinch the waist and leave you looking as stylish as ever.

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Styling black abayas with colored details and embroidery


When your black abaya has colorful details it makes it harder to style it, since these colors limits your options. The easiest look to pull off would be pairing your abaya with a hijab in neutral tones like black, beige, or white then match the color of the embroidery or details in the abaya to your accessories. This is the go to styling trick most Khaliji fashion bloggers use to rock their black abayas.

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