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Summer and Shorts? Perfect combo! Here's How to Style Them on Several Occasions

Mariam Youssef
6/12/23, 12:00 PM

Although you may not exactly enjoy the heat and the burning sun in the summer, you cannot deny that it is the season of fashion joy, and freedom. In the summertime, you get to wear your neon outfits and colorful accessories and enjoy breezy pieces that make the weather a bit tolerable. So today, we decided to talk about one of the most breezy pieces of clothing. Enter shorts. If you think that shorts only fit into vacations and beach time, think again. Now, you can style your shorts however you like and wear them on plenty of occasions. Read on to know how to style shorts in the summer and create amazing outfits.

First things first, let’s talk about the most common types of shorts that you can wear outside.

Types of Shorts and How to Style Them

Boyfriend shorts

Boyfriend shorts are relaxed and kind of baggy. They’re mostly oversized and can have some rips.

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Because of their relaxed fit, boyfriend shorts are excellent for casual outings, where you can pair them with a T-shirt, tank top, or a nice blouse for a chicer look.

Bermuda shorts

These shorts, which are sometimes referred to as dress shorts or walking shorts, finish approximately 2 centimeters above the knee. They're semi-casual shorts, and the hem is typically cuffed.

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Thanks to their length, bermuda shorts can be worn on more than one occasion. You can create classy looks with bermuda shorts, especially the ones made from linen, by adding a belt and pairing your shorts with a decent top. You can also style a crop top and blazer with bermuda shorts.

Baggy shorts

This is more of a general term given to baggy-fit shorts that are comfy and easy to walk in. They can be found in several materials, such as cotton and linen.

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Since baggy shorts are quite wide, you need to balance out the look by wearing something a bit tight at the top. A crop top that’s layered with an oversized shirt is a great combo with baggy shorts.

Cargo shorts

Exactly like cargo pants, cargo shorts are baggy and have lots of pockets that make them a bit bulky.

Style a corset top with your cargo shorts for a balanced and elegant look. However, if you’re into everything-oversized style, you can choose a baggy T-shirt and sneakers to show off the true rapper energy.

Cut-off shorts

These shorts are made from denim pants that have been cut to the proper length. They are typically torn just above your knee. Because the hem is cut off, they have a tattered cut edge, which adds to the worn-in look.

Cut-off shorts create the best casual outfits, so you’re free to choose any casual piece to go with them. But if you want to elevate your look, use nice accessories and pair your shorts with a nice blouse or a button-up shirt.

Biker shorts

Think Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber in casual outfits. They’re usually dressed in biker shorts, oversized hoodies, and sneakers. Biker shorts are tight, above-knee shorts that usually create the easiest, quickest, and most relaxed casual outfits.

In the summertime, you can pair your biker shorts with an oversized T-shirt, a crop top and a denim jacket, or an oversized shirt that you can tie at the waist.

Paper bag shorts

When you think of paper bags, they’re usually baggy at the bottom and cinched at the top. Paper bag shorts can provide you with a cinched waist, especially when they have attached ribbons.

Accentuate the femininity of these shorts and pair them with dreamy, soft tops to pull off the ultimate girly look.

Pleated shorts

Don’t expect excessive pleats like the ones you see in a pleated skirt. Pleated shorts have simple pleats at the waist that make them look chic and elegant.

Pleated shorts can help you create clean and chic attire if you know how to style them. Start with the right accessories; cinch your waist with a nice belt and choose a beautiful bag and a pair of shoes to go with the overall look. You may also layer a blazer on top for a casual chic look.

Chino shorts

These are traditional cotton weave knee-length walking shorts. The front has a button and zipper.

These shorts are easy, comfortable, and elegant, so you can style them however you want according to where you’re heading. Go with a shirt and tie at the waist for a funky casual look or pair your shorts with a decent blouse for a nicer occasion.


Skirts and shorts equal skorts! These are shorts with an attached skirt in the front that adds a feminine touch to the piece.

If you don’t like how shorts look on you, especially from the front, you’ll love skorts! They will provide you with the coverage you need and will give you a nice, feminine look to your overall outfit.

Short sets

If you like the monochromatic look of the pant sets, you will adore the short sets. They’re usually made from linen to feel airy and breezy on your body. On the one hand, shorts and shirts create this vacation vibe; however, you can still wear them anywhere in the city. Shorts and blazer sets, on the other hand, provide an elegant look that is also light and airy.

Shorts are underrated pieces of clothing that deserve more attention. They can create amazing summer outfits on several occasions; with a few styling tricks here and there, you can pull off any outfit. Which shorts are your favorite?

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