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Did The "Barbie" Trailer Renew Your Love For Gingham? This Is Your Guide to Styling Gingham Clothing Effortlessly

Mariam Youssef
6/16/23, 1:00 PM

Barbie dolls have always been a part of our childhood. We’ve bought Barbie doll houses, dressed and undressed the dolls, talked to them eagerly for hours, and put them to bed every night. When the Barbie movie trailer came out, it instantly reminded us of our beloved dolls and how cute and girly the pink outfits were. However, one of the best outfits that Margot Robbie wore in the trailer was the gingham dress and gingham romper. How adorable are they!

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Inspired by the Barbie movie clothing, we decided to show you how to style gingham in general, so keep reading for a fun piece.

Summer Gingham dress and sneakers

Nothing screams summer louder than a gingham dress! Whether you prefer short or maxi dresses, the fabric alone will make your outfit stand out and look season-appropriate. If you want to unleash your inner Barbie, go for pink gingham dresses; however, you can still rock any summery color and look awesome. Moreover, sneakers tend to give this look a casual, fun touch. For a more feminine approach, try strappy sandals.

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Two-piece Gingham sets

Who would’ve thought that gingham on gingham could be that cute and effortlessly chic? Invest in a gingham set, be it a top and pants or a jacket and skirt. Margot Robbie has rocked a pink gingham set while promoting her movie, so you can use her as your inspiration. You can also opt for a more formal look by choosing a gingham blazer set. However, if you really want your outfit to scream summer, opt for a two-piece gingham beach set.

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Gingham skirts

Wear your gingham skirt with a white top for a simple, morning outfit or style it with a graphic T-shirt to give it a modern look. To create contrast in your outfit, pick your top’s color according to the color/s of your skirt. Use the color wheel to know how to match opposite colors together.

And pants too!

Well, since we can wear gingham skirts, why not try gingham pants for more practical looks? Wear your gingham pants to work and style them with a nice top and a blazer to look the part or create an easy casual, playful outfit that suits the vivid summer vibes.

Overalls and rompers

Overalls in general are easy pieces that can be styled effortlessly regardless of which top or shirt you decide to wear underneath! Rompers too can be cute and fun, especially on a vacation. Moreover, you can switch your cute outfit from a day to a night look by changing up your accessories, opting for classier ones on evening outings.

Gingham tops

If you’re looking for sensational, feminine, and versatile tops, gingham tops should be your go-to. Styling gingham tops is a breeze thanks to their endless designs and shapes that can fit into any occasion. Wear them with an A-line skirt, formal pants, or, if you dare, gingham pants of different colors for a funky look.

Gingham accessories

In case you’re still not sure about a statement or loud gingham piece, you can always opt for gingham accessories, such as bags, shoes, hair ties, or hats. These accessories will help pave the way for you to maybe incorporate more gingham in your coming outfits.

Mix and match

We’ll just go ahead and say it now; mix and match is not a style for everyone. You should have the fashion courage to style totally different patterns together to create a unique and different outfit. If you think this style suits your fashion sense or want to try it anyway, use these pictures for inspiration on how to mix and match gingham with other patterns and still look chic.

Gingham is a timeless fashionable fabric that allows you to create all types of outfits, from morning casual looks to formal work attire. Get creative with this pattern and try to style it differently each time. One more thing: we’d like to thank the Barbie filmmakers for bringing this gorgeous fabric back to life. The movie will be released on Jul 21, 2023, in the US.



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