Flame scarlet red is probably one of the biggest color trends in 2020. And since red and pink are an unexpected but brilliant color blocking match, we thought we'd show you how to wear red and pink together. There's something in here for those who love to make bold statements and something for those with a more quiet and subtle style. 

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Red and Pink Color Combination Outfit Ideas:

Simple red and pink color blocking


There's always the basic color blocking outfit where you pair your bright flame scarlet red piece with another pink one, as your main outfit focus points. Accessories can then be matched in those colors as well, or you can take the outfit down with nudes. 

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A more understated approach is you wear these 2 colors together using accessories. One color can be your outfit choice and the other can be incorporated into your accessories, that is bags, shoes, scarves or even jewellery.  

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Red and rose is more subtle


If pink is too much for you, a softer rose or pastel is just as gorgeous with red, but a little more subtle. It does look exceptionally stunning a bright flame scarlet red. And you can always have the red be the small portion of your outfit if you want a simpler everyday look. 

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The piece itself


You can also save yourself the trouble and buy a piece that has both colors incorporated, either through the design itself or through an interesting pattern. That ASOS top (2nd picture) is perfect for those who want something easy and casual. 

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