Pear-shaped Hijabi Bridesmaid Modest Dress Guide

Mariam Youssef
5/17/23, 8:19 AM

Is your friend’s wedding coming soon? Has she asked you to be one of her bridesmaids? Well, it’s about time to pick your dress! Even though the bride might have asked you to wear a specific color or a certain cut, you still have room to choose a design that fits your body shape. If you’re a hijabi, looking for a modest dress, and have a pear-shaped figure, this article’s for you. We’ll show you amazing bridesmaid dress ideas that suit your hijab and pear body type, so keep reading.

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What is a pear shape?

Before we get into the details of choosing your modest bridesmaid dress, let’s quickly talk about the pear body shape. If you have a wide hip area, a small waist, and narrow shoulders and bust, that’s a pear or triangle shape. Because you need to make your body look balanced, it is best to focus on making your shoulders wider or your hips narrower to create this balance.


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When choosing a dress design, go for wide necklines to visually enlarge your pear body shoulder and bust regions. In contrast, long, narrow necklines tend to vertically elongate and thin the upper body. Choose lower, wider necklines, such Sabrina, bateau, and square necklines. Off-shoulder necklines lengthen your upper body by a few extra inches. Embellishments are yet another fantastic method to draw attention to the upper body and add volume to your shoulder and bust regions.


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The bulkiness around your hips should be as minimal as possible. It is preferable in this situation to let the sleeve droop while providing volume to the shoulders. For instance, shoulder padding, puff, and cap sleeves can be used to achieve this.


Bright hues, striking patterns, accents, and embellishments over the shoulders and breasts will deflect attention from the broader hips and focus it on the upper body. Using horizontal stripes is another effective way to draw attention to the upper body.


If you happen to go for untraditional options and choose a bridesmaid jumpsuit, you should know these tips. The greatest styles are simple, flat-fronted, full leg length or ankle length. Choose loose-fitting garments that go straight down from the hip's widest point. To tighten in the defined waist, pants should be either mid- or high-waisted. Just below the waist, low-rise pants would emphasize the hips even more. To avoid highlighting the lower torso, choose darker hues, crisp lines, and straightforward stitching.


Skirts are great garments to hide the pear-shaped body's wide hips and bottoms. Choose body-skimming skirts with a minimal gathering that doesn’t add bulk. A-line and bias skirts, which have a wider curve at the bottom, are good choices for balancing the hips.


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Ideally, when you apply the top and skirt (or pant) tips, you’ll have yourself a nice dress that fits and flatters your body shape perfectly.



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