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Mindfulness Techniques: Here Are Easy Mediations for Inner Peace at Work

Engy Elghannam
3/10/23, 3:00 PM

You're at work, and suddenly seized by anxiety, did this ever happen to you? Actually, this happens to everyone, while it's normal that it's common among many of us, however, it's not a good thing for our overall well-being.  So, giving yourself a few minutes to know how you are feeling and to do some meditations for stress at work can make a really great difference.

It's okay to have stress at work from time to time; however, if this stress became severe then maybe you need to ask for help.

Let’s Get To Know Why It Is Important to Meditate..

Meditation helps with anxiety and stress in different ways, including that it encourages us to engage with our thoughts and feelings rather than ignoring them. The importance of meditation practice is that it helps us stay in the present moment rather than being pulled into thinking of the past or worrying about the future. It allows us some time to just be.

So, let's try some of these breathing techniques and meditations to help us through those tense times we face at work

Brief Mindfulness Breathing Meditation

Mindfulness of breathing practice may be really perfect if the steam is rising out of your ears. Just take a moment for yourself, and simply stay connected to your breathing, following each inhalation and exhalation as they happen, when you become distracted, note that your mind has wandered and try to come back to following your breath. The more you spend being mindful of your breath, the more you'll feel calm.

Pursed Lips Meditation

This breathing technique will help you with stress and it can be done in only a few minutes. Pursed lip meditation is super easy as you inhale through the nose for four seconds, then exhale through your pursed lips for as long as it takes. The resistance created through your pursed lips creates a lengthier exhale, and this will definitely calm you down.

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Deep Belly Breathing Meditation

It is an easy breathing technique that includes a deep belly breath. It is very easy to do while you are sitting at your desk. So, begin with sitting with a straight spine, then place one hand on your heart, and the other below your navel point. Close your eyes, and simply begin breathing in deeply. The pattern of the breath begins with inhaling from the stomach to the heart, then exhaling from the heart to the stomach, then repeating this slowly for a couple of times.

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Finger Touch Meditation

This technique is by saying a mantra or a phrase as it will really help you get out of your head. To do it is to simply sit or stand tall for this one, elongating your spine, and start to notice your breath. Then touch each fingertip to the thumb on the same hand and repeat one word per finger touch. this word could be any four-word phrase that soothes you. Maybe “Peace is within me”

Stand For A Minute Meditation

Stand up for 60 seconds and feel your feet on the floor, then breathe in your belly. Adjust your posture to be open and try to focus on your breath while flowing in and out. Doing this throughout our day at work allows us to remember where we are, and we feel calmer.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Meditation

What is good about meditation is it can be done without anyone noticing you're doing something. Diaphragmatic breathing meditation is breathing into your diaphragm, and then holding it in can totally slow things down. Simply sit straight to elongate your spine and breath in deeply through your nose and count to four. Hold in your breath for four, then breathe out for four. Repeat this for a few times and you will quickly notice that you begin to be calm.

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Soundscape Meditation

Start this meditation by noticing every sound you can hear. Spend three minutes listening to all the sounds around you. Don’t get caught up in negative thoughts about any annoying sound just hear it and let them be. Anything that would shift your thinking away from your work stress will be helpful for creating space in your mind.

 Get ready to be the master of your inner peace, by prioritizing how you feel and giving yourself time to practice mindfulness at work.



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