Are you one those people who created a Pinterest board filled with designs you love, and you want to get your first tattoo? The months go by and still you don’t go act on your decision to get a tattoo, and frankly that makes sense. Marking your skin forever is a really big decision, one you need to be 100% sure of. So, we decided to talk to someone about their first tattoo experience and get all the answers from her. 

From how to pick a design, how pain painful the process is, to how she took care of her skin after the tattoo, Nour gave us all the answers. So, if you are one of those people who is thinking about getting a tattoo, then read on, because you really need to know these 8 things before you decide to get a tattoo.

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1. Take me through the process of deciding about the design of the tatoo. How long did it take u to decide on what to get? 

I knew I wanted to get this tattoo done for a couple of years before I actually went through with it , so the decision to actually get it done was really fast. The hard part was deciding on the actual design, it took about a month of brainstorming and looking up different fonts and sizes as well as looking at similar tattoos like the one I wanted. The tattoo artist helped out by giving me multiple font and size options to try out. We would roughly stencil the design on my arm until I choose one.

2. Were you worried about regretting the tattoo? 

I was not worried about regretting it because when taking the decision to get it done, I thought about it for a while, I made sure the size was not too big and that it was meaningful to me.

3. How did you prep your skin before getting the tattoo? 

The tattoo artist actually does all the prepping, they disinfect the area and wait for it to dry before they start working on your tattoo. 

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4. Tell us about the process of getting the tattoo? The pain level? How long did it take? 

Pain level always depends on the area, some parts hurt more than others. I did mine on the side of my arm.  It also depends on the person’s pain tolerance. I personally didn’t really feel it, it feels like a sting more than actual pain and mine was small and took 20 minutes so it was over really quickly.

5. What were some of thoughts you had before, during and after the tattoo? 

Before getting the tattoo I probably was really excited and worried at the same time, just because I had waited so long to get it, but did not know what to expect pain wise. During and after was all just about making sure I take proper care of it in order to get the best result possible. 

6. How did you take care of your skin after? 

Depending on the size and area of your tattoo, the artist should give you all after care instructions. Personally, I was told to keep it out of direct sunlight for the first 2 weeks, and always keep it hydrated while it peels. 

7. Would you get another one? 

Yes, I would get another one, but it has to have an important meaning to me and I would not want to rush the process.

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8. What advice would you offer someone who is thinking of getting a tattoo?

Research is the most important factor in getting a tattoo in my opinion, you need to look at all your options of tattoo parlors until you decide which one you will go with. Some important things to look at are: someone who is experienced, certified and trusted. Also, ask around, family and friends if they have heard of them or been inked by them. Check out their work to see if they can give you the best version of the result you want. Finally make sure you are comfortable by asking all the questions you want, and that your artist is happy to answer you, especially if it’s your first tattoo.