Most of us follow a lot of series and Ramadan TV shows and sometimes we can't help but notice eye-catching celebrity fashion looks like Cyrine Abdelnour in 'Sahraneen Maakomm Bel Bait'. What stood out the most about her looks was that she really showcased a lot of summer 2020 trends. They also varied between chic formal looks and more casual practical ones. 

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Casual outfits and sportswear


Cyrine went for comfortable, easy-going casual looks, sometimes, that were fitting for the show's concept. She wore a bright scarlet tracksuit on the first week with see through heeled sandals. She also wear a denim jumpsuit and simple t-shirts more than once, paired with skirts and jeans.

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Cyrine Abdelnour in formal suits


What definitely caught our attention the most was her elegant form fitting and bright colored suits.  In the first episode, she chose to wear a white jumpsuit and the 2 others were orange and fuchsia. We also liked that she wore a loose oversized suit with a long blazer and wide loose pants, which we've seen a lot on the runway.

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Colored pants and skirts 


Colorful pants are a summer trend and great if you're looking for a comfortable look with a bit of edge. She wore beautiful bright green pants with a simple white t-shirt, yellow pants with a black t-shirt and a red tulle skirt with a black blazer and combat boots. 

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Matching eye makeup with clothes


Cyrine Abdel Nour sparkled with shades of green and orange eye makeup which were coordinated with her clothes. We also liked that lower lash pop of wine colored shadow or eyeliner which really brightened her eyes.

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All Image Credits: : Instagram @cyrineanour