Modest Fashion: 10 Inspiring Looks From the 44th CIFF Red Carpet
Mariam Youssef
11/14/22, 12:00 PM

Every year, we wait impatiently for CIFF (Cairo International Film Festival) as it is a great chance to witness the glamor of the celebrities and how exquisite they look! Male and female celebrities alike dazzle us with their unique choice of outfits, accessories, and jewelry. Today, we’ll be talking about the modest looks on the red carpet of the 44th edition of CIFF that you can style differently whether you’re a hijabi or not. Let’s have a look at some of the inspiring modest looks from the CIFF red carpet.

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Passant Shawky

In her white-collared, slim-fit black dress, Passant Shawky is giving off Morticia Addams in a very classic, chic, elegant sense of the word. Along with the side-parted slick hair, smokey-eye makeup, and unique jewelry, her entire look is divine. The wide padded shoulders also make her body look fabulous. The white collar extends to the back of the dress, giving it extra zhuzh!

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Nour’s beauty is unprecedented, and her fit-and-flare pink dress makes her look even more beautiful. This shade of pink looks fabulous on her, giving off Barbie vibes. The cape sleeves add this amazing touch to the dress, making Nour look like a queen.

Huda ElMufti

While Huda ElMufti chose to wear a black blazer and guipure fit-and-flare, see-through pants, the look can be altered to look more modest. Nonetheless, we love that she broke the rule of having to wear a dress to the red carpet and we like how she styled her outfit. You can style the same outfit differently by sewing a lining to the pants or choosing a non-sheer, unique fabric.

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We love the square neckline, long sleeves, and the detachable skirt of Bushra’s dress that is designed by Samah Mahran Couture. The best thing about this dress is that you can alter your look completely by removing the detachable skirt and rocking a straight dress! To make this look more modest, the neckline can be altered to show less cleavage.


Youssra’s dress is all about modesty and chicness. The feathered silk crepe chiffon dress from Etoile makes Youssra look like a diva. The way she styled her jewelry and accessories added up to the elegance of the look.

Sawsan Badr

Sawsan Badr never fails to make a statement wherever she goes thanks to her eternal beauty and utter elegance. The dress she wore speaks volumes about modesty, chicness, and uniqueness. Her entire look is an expression of who she is and is occasion and age-appropriate.

Dalia Shawky

Daila Shawky is a rebel and we’re so here for it. We love the Alexander Mcqueen suit, the drama in the blazer’s shoulders, and we also like the fact that there’s another color mixed with black to make the look stand out more. You can surely wear a round neckline top underneath the blazer for more coverage.

Heba Magdi

If we want to talk about modesty, simplicity, and effortless beauty, we’ll have to mention Heba Magdi. Every year, Heba is glamorously dressed in a unique, modest dress, and this year is no different. She’s rocking a red dress from Dina ElGeddawy and we’ve got to give her the edge for choosing a daring, festive color that ticks all the boxes.

Mai Omar

In a stunning Zuhair Murad number, Mai Omar rocks the red carpet! The details of the top of the dress, fabric, cut, and sleeves make this dress stand out in the crowd. For a more modest look, you can adjust the v-neckline to be a bit higher.

Riham Hagag

In another fabulous Zuhair Murad design, Riham Hagag looks just like an edgy fairytale princess. We love the drama in the shoulders and the details of the dress. We also love the big pouf that makes the whole look come together.

Which dress do you like best? And which dress do you like to style differently? Share your opinion with us and unleash your inner stylist.

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