From Modesty to Mastery: Here's How Hijab Fashion Meets Street Wear
Engy Elghannam
5/24/23, 1:30 PM

Get ready to dive into the coolest realm of stylish street outfits for hijabis, where fashion and modesty collide in the most captivating and effortless way. This is a world where creativity and self-expression flourish. From rocking trendy outfits to accessorizing with chic flair, you'll discover endless possibilities for creating fashionable and hijab-friendly street looks that empower and inspire. It's time to level up your style game and embark on an exhilarating journey through the exciting world of stylish street outfits curated exclusively for hijabis. Step out onto the streets and get ready to rock like a fashion star with an irresistible flair, showcasing the true essence of hijab fashion and leaving the world in awe!

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Let's check out these stylish hijabi outfits for street style

Denim on denim for a street-style outfit 

Image credit: Sohamt

Get ready to rock the streets with a cool denim-on-denim street style outfit that embraces your hijab. Here's how to do it: first, start with a medium-wash denim jacket or an oversized blazer to give off this effortlessly cool vibe. Layer it over a white shirt and slip into a pair of wide-leg denim pants or cargo denim pants for a cool twist. Choose high-waisted ones to provide coverage and allow you to tuck in your shirt with ease. Select a hijab in a complementary color to your denim ensemble. Go for a solid color hijab in a neutral shade like beige, white, or black; they will tie the look together perfectly. Enhance your street style with cool sunglasses and a funky crossbody bag or backpack that matches your street style. Complete your outfit with a pair of trendy sneakers or ankle boots.

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Tulle cardigan that speaks out for street style 

Image credit: Farah Emara

Elevate your street style with a touch of femininity and elegance by incorporating a tulle cardigan into your hijab outfit. To rock it, you've got to let the tulle cardigan take center stage in your outfit. Look for a flowing, longer-length cardigan in a color that matches your personal style and overall look. Pair the cardigan with a long-sleeved top and go for a classic neutral like white, black, or beige for a stylish contrast. Match your cardigan with slim-fit or straight-leg pants in a complementary color or the same color as the top. For the hijab, you can go for a turban for a funky twist that matches those street-style vibes. Add delicate and eye-catching accessorize , such as layered necklaces or stacked rings, for a touch of elegance. Choose comfortable yet trendy sneakers that complement your overall look. Complete your street-ready outfit with a fashionable and functional bag.

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Printed Cool pants? why not!

Image credit: Aya Elshehaby 

Let's get you ready to walk in the streets with an effortlessly cool street style outfit for hijabis, highlighting printed cool pants and an oversized chemise. To achieve this look, choose a pair of pants with a bold and eye-catching print that reflects your unique style. Don't forget to look for a relaxed or wide-leg fit for both comfort and style. Opt for an oversized chemise with a loose and flowy silhouette that exudes effortless cool. Stick to neutral colors to let the pants shine. You can wear your chemise up or down, depending on your mood. Go for a linen hijab with a loose wrap to complete this fashionable yet comfortable street style outfit. Consider adding delicate necklaces to enhance the outfit without overpowering it. Go for trendy sneakers that keep you comfortable while strutting the streets.

The linen cozy outfit

Image credit: Roza Jamaleddin

For a cozy and stylish street-style outfit for hijabis, consider incorporating linen material into your outfit. First, start with a comfortable and breathable linen shirt. Opt for a loose and relaxed fit for a cozy and effortless look. Choose a neutral or pastel color. Pair the linen shirt with a matching pair of linen pants. Look for a wide-leg or relaxed fit to maintain a comfortable and cozy vibe. Choose a color that complements the shirt or opt for a monochromatic look for a streamlined appearance. You can throw a linen scarf on your shoulders, as you can see in the picture, and add a belt bag to create a definition and also give this stylish look. The turban hijab will perfectly match this outfit. Finish the look with simple yet stylish jewelry.

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Let's go trendy with our street-style outfit

Image credit: Sohamt

Want to look edgy and trendy with a street style outfit? To style this fashionable look, choose a stylish corset top that accentuates your figure and offers comfort. Look for solid colors or subtle patterns that match your personal style. What is amazing about corset tops is that you can wear them up or down. To style it up, layer an oversized long-sleeved, solid-colored shirt or chemise underneath the corset. If possible, layer a denim jacket or an oversized blazer over your corset top. Opt for trendy cargo pants with multiple pockets, adding a streetwear-inspired touch. Stick to shades like kaki or olive green, or you can go for a color same as the top. Select a hijab that complements the overall color scheme. Choose trendy sneakers or ankle boots to match the overall vibe.

Satin set for street style 

Image credit: Farah Emara

Embrace your inner diva with a fancy street-style outfit for hijabis by incorporating a stunning satin set. To create this perfect outfit, look for a loose or slightly oversized fit in a catchy color, and match it with satin bottoms that scream elegance and flair. Opt for wide-leg pants or a flowing midi skirt with a relaxed fit. Crown your look with a hijab that embraces your stylish spirit. You can go for a solid-colored hijab that complements the satin set or a complementary shade. Step up your shoe game with trendy and stylish sneakers or strappy sandals. Complete your street style masterpiece with a fashionable bag that embodies your unique style.

A fluffy dress 

Image credit: Dalia Moenenes

Get ready to embrace cuteness overload with a casual and street-style-worthy outfit for hijabis featuring a dress. To achieve this look, go for a dress that's as fluffy as a marshmallow with a comfy and casual silhouette. Look for soft and airy fabrics like cotton or chiffon, and opt for a loose fit to twirl and swirl with joy. Pick a cheerful color or a playful pattern that adds a sprinkle to your look. You can go for a hijab in a matching color  or choose a complementary shade for a charming contrast that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Pair your fluffy dress with cute and comfortable sneakers. Finish the look with cute necklaces and bracelets to give it extra charm.

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