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8 Summer Hacks For Hijabis That Will Make Excessive Heat a Breeze

Mariam Youssef
7/27/23, 2:00 PM

We know that the summertime isn’t a favorite for many due to the unbearable temperatures and the excessive heat that makes it difficult to go about the daily activities and chores. Things get harder for hijabi women since they have to cover all of their bodies, which causes them to feel hotter and sweatier. Therefore, we want to share some tips on how to make your hijab a breeze in the summertime so you can go out comfortably without worrying about the incredibly hot weather. Keep reading and take notes, beautiful hijabis!

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Change your undergarments regularly

One of the first things that comes to mind when it’s too hot outside is how to smell fresh and clean. So, for starters, change your undergarments on a regular basis and try not to re-wear them. And we don’t only mean the regular underwear that every woman wears; we precisely mean the T-shirts, leggings, and bandanas. These garments have direct contact with your body, which means that they absorb your sweat. When you’re all clean the next day, you don’t want to wear the same clothes again that have bacteria and a bad smell. Make sure you wash your undergarments daily or once you wear them; just don’t wear them twice without washing them.

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Avoid buying/wearing see-through materials

When you go shopping, try to skip see-through clothes even if they look gorgeous. Because as a hijabi you shouldn’t wear see-through materials, you’ll have to wear something underneath to cover up your body, which can make you feel hotter and more agitated. Your body will feel suffocated because of the tight undergarments you have to wear underneath your see-through clothes and that can result in more sweat, which can make you smell bad. When shopping, choose materials that don't show your skin so you don’t have to wear something underneath.

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Wear loose and breathable fabric

This tip is connected to the previous one since it has to do with shopping in the first place. During the warmer months, you need to choose light fabrics, such as viscose, linen, or cotton to allow the air to come in and out. When you don’t, your clothes will collect moisture, which results in a bad smell. This rule applies to your scarves, socks, and inner and outer garments.

Stay hydrated

What you do for the outside of your body is important, and what you need for your inner body is just as important. Stay hydrated all the time, especially when you’re out and about to cool down the temperature of your body, hence feeling better. You should always have a bottle of water in your bag, be it store-bought or thermal. Set a reminder on your phone to notify you of your water intake. In the summertime, you should consume at least 2 liters of water every day.

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Loose hijab

As long as you ensure that your skin is not showing, try not to tie your hijab too tight and opt for loose ties. This will allow your hair and neck to breathe, which will make you feel cooler. Furthermore, if your hijab isn’t see-through, try not to wear bandanas since they suffocate your hair and result in more sweat.

Learn how to wear black

While some people may argue that black is the one color that needs to be avoided in the summer, there are ways you can wear it and still not feel hotter. We have an entire article dedicated to how to wear black in the summer, make sure you read it here to learn helpful tips.

Use wipes and deodorant

No matter how clean you are, once you step outside, there’s no way you won’t get sweaty! Sad, but true. Therefore, you should have water wipes and deodorant handy in your bag to wipe off excess sweat, especially when it leaves marks on your clothes in the armpit area. Make sure to wipe your armpits constantly and use deodorant to keep them smelling fresh.

Stay resilient

Unfortunately, some of the people around you, be it friends or family, may discourage you from wearing hijab in the summertime, asking you to take it off because it’s too hot. Moreover, you may feel the temptation to take off your hijab when you’re on vacation since almost everyone out there is not a hijabi. Resilience is key! Remember that your hijab is one way to satisfy God and His commands. Yes, it’s too hot to wear scarves in the summertime, but God will reward you for staying resilient and persistent. Although this isn’t a tangible tip, it will help you bear the hot weather.

Summertime is beautiful since it is when we get the chance to enjoy the beach and wear colorful, bright clothes. However, the excessive heat makes it impossible to enjoy ourselves. Hijabi girls suffer even more and we all know why! If you’re a hijabi, make sure you follow the above tips for a happy summer.

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