We know you're ready and excited for your winter shopping. There are so many trends that are hard to keep up with, but winter fashion is everyone's favorite and this winter 2020 the trends are exciting and comfortable for hijab fashion.

We looked around stores and recollected our memories from fashion week to sum up the latest fashion trends for the winter 2020. Then we went to some of our favorite hijabi fashion bloggers to see what they're wearing and how. There are so many options for your wardrobe this winter, but these are 9 pieces we think should be on top of your shopping list.

Hijab Fashion Trends for Winter 2020

Long Coats

Look for long coats. Coats are a classic winter item, but this year is all about the really really long coats. They're very easy to style and suit almost every outfit. You can choose between a long coat, which stops at the ankle, or if you want you can go for a shorter one that stops at the knee. Try them on and pick what looks best.


Wool Cardigans

You must have a wool cardigan in your wardrobe this year. It is one of those staple pieces that can be worn with anything. They're so comfortable and effortless,  you can just throw it on, head out the door and you're warm and cosy.


Leather Skirts

We can't stop talking about skirts this year, and this gorgeous leather pleated skirt is not helping. First of all, they're stunning and so chic. Second, because of the heavy leather texture, it will keep you warm, considering it's a skirt. It's also comfortable and loose, do you don't have to worry about  what to pair it with.



Suits are everywhere this season. They're one of the top winter fashion trends. And under them falls other trends like velvet suits, oversized suits and tuxedo suits. They're a flattering powerful piece and they can also give a lot of warmth, depending on the material. 


Oversized Sweaters

The Oversized everything trend has been popular for years now and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Oversized sweaters are great and a winter must have for hijabis. They're also great because they can be worn with trousers, skirts and can be dressed up or dressed down. 



Capes were a big hit on the runway for winter 2020. You might think they don't do much, but they actually come in heavy materials like wool. And they're great for hijabis because they're loose and give you your freedom to wear whatever you like under it. Hajra is one of the most popular bloggers and she recently wore a beautiful cape. 


Wool Blazers

If you do not like suits, then blazers are a great choice for you. Wool blazers are a beautiful winter item. They're great for formal events and they're incredibly warm, but most importantly they're versatile. You can find so many different fits, colors, patterns and lengths.


Long Denim Jacket

Who can go a season without denim? No one. Denim is essential. If you are veiled, oversized or long denim jackets are fantastic. Also surprisingly they can make you very warm if you layer the right things underneath. 



If you're a fan of sportswear or more active and casual wear in general, sweatshirts are probably your bestie. A lot of bloggers are now styling them and wearing them in really cool ways, so don't forget to check them out as well.


Main Image Credits: Instagram @amina_blal