Black is known to be 'The king of colors' and it is a very popular choice of clothing in the colder months. I personally love wearing black, so much so that I wouldn't mind wearing an all black outfit. However, it concerns me that it would come across as too dark or dramatic, especially because I'm veiled. After a long search for finding how to style hijab fashion with an all black outfit, I came across the hijab fashion blogger Dalal AlDoub, who knows how to perfectly style a black outfit making it look very elegant, chic and unique. 

Here are some hijab fashion tips you should know if you love wearing black:

1. Different textures

When outfits have some color, we tend to focus on that and forget about the textures and materials we're wearing. With black, you should make sure you're mixing textures and materials, especially with cotton because a black outfit  made of only cotton could look like sleepwear or pajamas.

2. Pay attention to the fit

Black tends to give the body a slimmer look. It is important to find the right fit for you so it can look as flattering as possible. 

3. Accessories

With accessories this your chance to really elevate the outfit and make it pop. Try a red belt or a statement necklace or brooch or even a new veil wrap with a pop of color.

4. Makeup

The sophistication of an all black outfit gives you the space to contrast it with a little bit of fun with makeup. Bring on the bright colors and make your skin shine.

5. The veil

Play around a bit with your hijab by choosing different types and materials that would compliment the outfit and add edge to it.

And if you need some style ideas for wearing a Hijab all black outfit, check out the pictures below of Dalal Al Doub and get inspired by how she styles black.

All Image Credits: Instagram @dalalid