21 Ramadan Modest Outfit Inspirations For Work

Author Mariam Youssef
Time 3/9/24, 7:00 PM
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Ramadan is all about modesty in every aspect in our lives, especially clothes. Dressing up for a family iftar is easy and fun. Putting on your fancy kaftan is all that it takes to get dressed in a chic and modest way. However, things are not that easy at work. In the workplace, you need comfy and practical clothes that make your day easier. So how can you wear Ramadan modest outfits at work? That said, here are 21 Ramadan modest outfit inspirations for work for every working day in Ramadan.



Ramadan Modest Outfit Inspirations For Work


Shirt + A-line skirt


ramadan office modest outfit white


Since the weather is typically hot now and it will be even hotter in Ramadan, the best thing to wear is a shirt. You may layer a light pullover on your top when it’s a bit chilly in the morning. Pair your shirt with an A-line skirt that completes this modest outfit.


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Summer dress


ramadan office modest outfit summer dress


It’s time for summer dresses! Not only are they weather-appropriate, but they’re also chic and modest at the same time, which makes this a perfect outfit for a Ramadan work day.



Winter dress when it’s cold


ramadan office modest outfit closed


You may also wear winter dresses as well that are made from thicker fabrics. Dresses are modest in general, so they're great in Ramadan. Make sure not to wear short dresses that reveal your ankle. The dress should be modest, long, and loose as much as you can.


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Wide leg pants


ramadan office modest outfit wide leg


While pants may not be the ultimate option in Ramadan, wide pants are excellent pieces for Ramadan work outfits. Instead of wearing tight or skinny pants, go for wide ones made from breathable fabrics to help you move freely and allow your body to be comfortable. You may pair wide pants with a loose shirt so your outfit is modest.



Long cotton cardigan


ramadan office modest outfit long


Cardigans are amazing pieces of clothing in Ramadan thanks to their length and coverage. Style your long cardigan with a dress, skirt, or wide pants to create a decent, modest look.



Simple open abaya


ramadan office modest outfit cardigan


If you want to get into the Ramadan spirit at work, show off your abaya and wear something modest underneath it as well. Your abaya is the statement piece in this outfit. So you may go with a basic top and skirt and layer a stylish open abaya on top for the ultimate Ramadan look.


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Simple button-up abaya


ramadan office modest outfit abaya


Button-up abayas are also excellent because they provide coverage, modesty, and are also chic and classy. Make sure that your abaya’s design is not over the top or overly embellished. Remember this is still an office outfit.



Monochromatic dress and cardigan


ramadan office modest outfit monochrome


Go for a monochromatic Ramadan outfit at work by combining a dress and a cardigan of the same color. You may choose close shades of the same color to create this outfit.



Long button-up shirt


ramadan office modest outfit shirt


When the weather is quite hot on a typical Ramadan day, feel free to put on your long button-up shirt and style it with nice accessories. The shirt works amazingly well to create a modest and practical outfit.



Two-piece skirt set


ramadan office modest outfit skirt


Two-piece sets are extremely trendy now, so it is the best time to wear something that is both trendy and modest. A skirt set will ensure that your outfit is modest and Ramadan and office-appropriate.



Two-piece wide-leg set


ramadan office modest outfit set


If you cannot tolerate wearing skirts, you can always go for wide-pant sets. They’re also super trendy and practical.



Wide pregnant dresses


ramadan office modest outfit  pink


Although you may not be pregnant, wearing pregnant dresses in Ramadan seems like the right thing to do. The best thing about wide pregnant dresses is that they’re loose, comfortable, and surely modest. Make sure not to wear a short dress that shows your ankles. The whole purpose behind this choice is to look modest and cover up as much as possible.



Hoodie dress


ramadan office modest outfit hoodie


Hoodie dresses are also trendy this season, especially when it’s cold outside. You may want to wear a hoodie dress when you know for sure that the temperature is cold.


For more modest Ramadan outfit ideas for work, check our gallery!

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