Dark jeans or light wash jeans?! This was our question for you this week. We were pretty sure that a lot of you get confused picking one when you're shopping. But it looks like most of you prefer dark wash jeans, from the poll results on Fustany's Instagram

Dark jeans are a safer option for a lot of people because they tend to really flatter the body. However, styling them could be a little harder than light jeans. That's why we wanted to show you today how to wear and style dark wash jeans for different occasions

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Wearing dark jeans for casual outfits


I think dark jeans are a great choice for daywear and casual outfits, especially for the days that require a lot of movement, with which you need to be comfortable. Because of its deeper color, it won't get dirty as quickly and you can wear it sneakers and a simple light colored jacket. 

Business casual outfit ideas with dark wash jeans


Work is a daily thing and you probably want to be comfortable more often than not. Wearing jeans for a formal office look is not impossible if you style it in a nice chic way. You can wear dark jeans with a long deep colored coat, or a neutral blouse. Try to stay away from bright pops of color. Jeans also look great with blazers! Finish off the look with medium height heels so you're both comfortable and chic.

How to dress up dark jeans for a night out...


Who said you can't wear jeans in the evening?! It just depends on how you style it. You can wear an elegant or sexy sweater that's one shoulder or with a v-neckline. You could also pick materials in your outfit like satin, chiffon or tulle to make it more dressy. Wear the jeans with open toed heels or stilettos and finish the look with an elegant clutch or bag. 

Here are some tips that can help you when choosing your jeans: 

1. If you're looking for jeans that will flatter and emphasize your curves, then you should pass on dark jeans and go for light wash jeans. You could also try flared jeans. 

2. If you're looking for jeans that will make you look taller, you can go high-waisted dark jeans. Also avoid folding the jeans from the bottom.

3. Avoid wearing ripped jeans for a formal office look. 

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