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No Pattern Or Sewing Machine Needed! Here's How To Make Your Clothes At Home!

Mariam Youssef
8/21/23, 5:00 PM

For most women, shopping has always been one of the most interesting and satisfying activities that can make their day better instantly. However, since the prices have increased massively, women have become less keen on shopping. What used to be 100 EGP is now 500 EGP and it’s still inflating. So, one of the best things you can do if you enjoy shopping but don’t want to spend a fortune on it is to make your clothes at home. You don’t need experience, a sewing machine, or patterns to make clothes. All you need is fabric and a few tools. That said, we’ll show you how to make your own clothes at home, so keep reading.

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If you have a pair of scissors and know how to use them, you’re on the right track for making or upcycling your clothes. Look closely into your wardrobe and get all the items that you no longer wear or love out. Using your scissors, you can repurpose these clothes into fashionable ones that will look like new! Grab your oversized T-shirt and turn it into a crop top. Simply measure and mark where you want to cut to create a straight line for your scissors. Moreover, you can do the same cutting technique to your old jeans that no longer look trendy. Use your scissors to make small cuts on the sides and turn your old jeans into trendy Balenciaga jeans. Or you can turn the same jeans into shorts since it's hot. Wear this new pair of shorts on your next vacation.

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Fabric glue

Needle and thread? Not necessary. Fabric glue will make your life way easier when it comes to putting pieces of fabric together. It especially helps when you want to make an old piece of clothing that doesn’t fit bigger. Simply cut this piece of clothing vertically and add your choice of fabric and glue them together to make the piece wider. You can also utilize the fabric glue to add some piping to a plain sweater or blouse to give it an extra zhuzh. (Piping is the black strings in the white sweater in the below photo).

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Make pinafore dresses

Pinafore dresses never fail to make any girl look cute and feminine thanks to their cut and shape. There are plenty of designs out there that you can get inspired by, but this one in the picture is pretty easy to make as it only requires you to cut a square-shaped top and a large rectangle for the skirt that you can gather by thread or a waistband. The pockets are also squares that are easy to make and glue to your dress. Watch “pinafore dress DIY” tutorials on YouTube to learn how to make them properly.

Get artistic!

If you’re a fan of thrift shopping, you can do two things at once. On the one hand, you can find great pieces in the thrift store that are definitely cheaper than other well-known brands. All you need to do is to clean them thoroughly before putting them on. On the other hand, you can buy as many clothes as you want that actually appeal to you and play around with them. Turn a blouse and a skirt into a summer dress or turn a dress into a jumpsuit. YouTube has plenty of videos that can show you how to repurpose existing clothes and turn them into new ones. 

Use thread and needle

Using good quality thread is the greatest approach to guarantee that your hand-sewn garments last and are sturdy. The strong thread will serve as the building block of a well-made item and will significantly contribute to the creation of clothing that will last for a long time. Choose well-made, durable, and strong threads that will last a long time. Although they can cost a little more than other brands on the market, they are still valuable.

Try handheld machine

If you desire speed on your side, you can still invest in a handheld sewing machine. These are tiny, compact machines that resemble huge staplers but are actually sewing machines. These are available in a variety of locations, including online shops and specialty sewing shops. They are incredibly well-liked, especially among people who want to hem skirts or pants. They are uncomplicated and easy to operate, not to mention that they are significantly less expensive and more compact than a full machine.

Aside from the crazy prices of clothing nowadays, sewing machines can also be fairly pricey, difficult to store, and even challenging to use. Luckily, you can still manufacture your own clothing without using one. You may still sew by hand and create high-quality apparel for yourself using the mentioned methods.

Main image credit: @sarahh.hany on Instagram



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